Acrylic Guard Installations and Other Tips for a Safer Workplace

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With COVID-19 protocols getting strictly enforced in NYC and nationwide, every business needs to pay attention to how they’re creating a safer workplace.

The approach you use to keep employees and customers safe could keep you in business or have you filing for bankruptcy.

Numerous businesses find themselves looking for ways to reduce potential vapor contact between customers and workers today. One of the best options to meet your safety obligations is to install an acrylic guard. 

How Many Acrylic Guards Do I Need?

The problem with most generic acrylic guards is that they don’t meet your area’s specific requirements. You need to have this item manufactured to your site’s exact measurements to have it pass inspection.

Even when you line multiple acrylic guards up to create a shield, an improper installation could cause droplets to squeeze through the seams. If that happens, you might experience a coronavirus exposure while thinking that you’re keeping people safe.

It helps to think of an acrylic guard as a permanent improvement. If it gets affixed to counters, cashier stations, and other places where close contact is necessary, you’re more likely to pass inspection and stay open for business.

If you need help to determine how many acrylic guards you need, our team is standing by to answer any questions you might have.

What Is the Workplace Guidance for COVID-19?

The complete guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19 is available from OSHA.

Some workplaces have unique requirements, but everyone can take these steps to reduce exposure risks to the new coronavirus by following these steps. 

1. Develop a preparedness and response plan.

If you don’t have one already, your business needs an infectious disease preparedness and response plan. This documentation ensures that everyone can follow your specific policies to stay in compliance with all local rules, regulations, and laws. You’ll need to identify how exposure incidents could happen, where it is likely to occur, and what transmission factors fall under your control. 

2. Implement some basic infection prevention protocols.

You’ll want to start promoting frequent hand washing at your business for all visitors, customers, and workers. If you cannot provide running water with soap, a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol should get offered.

You’ll want to encourage respiratory etiquette, such as covering coughs, with signs throughout your establishment. Your sick leave policy should also encourage people to stay home if they feel unwell.

3. Start improving the environment in your business.

When you install engineering controls that process the air and create separation, you’ll work to reduce coronavirus exposure incidents. Acrylic guard installations fit into this category. 

You’ll want to look at installing high-efficiency air filters, improve ventilation, and create curbside pickup areas or a drive-through window.

Some companies might need to use specialized negative pressure ventilation. If your business uses aerosol products, you’d have additional mitigation steps to take.

4. Think about supplying PPE to people.

Whether you’re for using masks or feel like facial coverings are a political statement, we can all agree that business owners should have the right to set standards on their property. That means you’ll want to consider supplying various PPE options to workers to reduce their exposure risks.

These items might include a face shield, goggles, gloves, a face mask, or advanced respiratory protection.

If you have customers stopping by your business, it is helpful to have disposable masks available to maintain your environment’s integrity.

When a customer and your worker have a mask on with an acrylic guard between them, the COVID-19 transmission risk is remarkably low.

How Could We Help Your Business Today?

If you need to install or update your COVID-19 safety protocols, now is the time to act. Although vaccinations are expected to continue throughout 2021, it could be several months before our economy returns to a state of normalcy.

Even when we get beyond the coronavirus issue, the threat of other transmissible diseases could mean that these safety updates become permanent.

We’ll help you create a safer working environment with professional guard installation. If you have other items to incorporate into your safety plan, such as a sanitation station, we can also provide assistance to ensure your setup complies.

We’ve learned how tough times can be, but we also know that we’re in this thing together. When you create the appropriate safety barriers to keep your workers and customers safe, you’ll be following a recipe that can hopefully prevent a closer move to bankruptcy.


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