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The kitchen is the first room most people want to see when touring a home. So what is the first thing that catches a person’s eye once they enter that space? The backsplash.

Although some older homes don’t have backsplashes because they haven’t been renovated, most Brooklyn homeowners have this detail on the walls to provide numerous benefits. For example, you’ll often see them around the stove, range, and sink to limit water access.

Those areas are also familiar where stains, scratches, and burns from hot pans occur. A well-designed backsplash can prevent those issues from developing. 

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Backsplash?

A backsplash provides a personal touch to the kitchen. It’s easy to give it some personality while delivering extra colors, patterns, and materials to the space.

Today’s popular backsplash materials in Brooklyn and NYC include reclaimed or antique wood, porcelain tile, and embossed concrete.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your kitchen’s visual appeal and value, a new backsplash installation could deliver the desired results! Here are some of the benefits you can experience with this investment.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance Improvements

Have you tried to get old tomato sauce splash stains out of paint or fixtures? When was the last time you tried to degrease your cabinets? When you install a kitchen backsplash, the surface is treated to make cleanup as simple as possible.

You only need a damp cloth or a non-scratch scrubbing sponge to clean a backsplash. A little dish soap and warm water to restore the installation’s look and luster go a long way.

2. Pest Control

When your cabinets or counters are not entirely flush against the kitchen wall, there is a risk that pests or insects could come through drywall cracks. You could even have spaces where existing infestations might grow because of food and moisture access.

Backsplash installation services in Brooklyn let you seal these spaces off to prevent unwanted guests from occupying your kitchen. If you have concerns that this benefit would address, it helps to inspect the current adhesive to see if its integrity has been compromised.

3. Moisture Protection

Two rooms receive significant moisture exposure: kitchens and bathrooms. When hot vapors interact with organic materials across months and years, they can develop mold and mildew. These growths can cause permanent damage to your infrastructure if they’re left untreated or uncorrected.

Kitchen backsplashes in Brooklyn are an effective defense against this problem. This addition seals the wall behind it when installed correctly to safeguard against moisture damage. In return, your investment maintains the long-term durability and overall quality of this space for the home.

4. Improved Equity and Value

The kitchen is often the buyer’s most essential room in a home. Investing time into this space makes sense if you plan to sell soon. A new backsplash is a quick and affordable way to add more value.

If you don’t plan to move, a backsplash still makes sense. You’ll create a space that lets you work more efficiently while creating an overall look you love. In addition, it gives you a chance to modernize the look and improve functionality without stressing the average budget.

Most homeowners recoup between 70% to 95% of the investments they put into their kitchen in home value or equity. 

5. DIY Possibilities

Although you can have more guarantees with a professional backsplash installation in Brooklyn, there is enough information online about how to set tile that many homeowners can do. So if you’ve got a free weekend without much going on, consider stocking up on some supplies and learning a new skill.

When people put their sweat equity into their property, the results mean much more when the work is finally finished.

How Can We Serve You Today with Backsplash Installation Services?

Is it time to upgrade the look and functionality of your kitchen? Does this space feel dated or unusable, and you’d like to change it?

Perhaps you started a new backsplash as part of a kitchen renovation project and didn’t have the time to finish it?

Our team at King Installation has your back! We serve Brooklyn homeowners with professional kitchen contracting services and much more. Talk with one of our friendly representatives to discuss what you’d like to see with your backsplash, and then we’ll work together to develop a plan that achieves those results. 


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