Interior Design Styles and the Best Complementary Paint Colors

Interior Design

It can be challenging to decide on the interior design concept to follow for your home. You want something that suits your personality without taking away from the value your efforts and investments provides.

Once you’ve decided on the interior design you want, you’ve got another decision to make. What paint color should you select to match your décor?

If you have questions about your interior design styles, our team has answers! Here is our advice on selecting the best complementary paint colors for your update.

Have You Defined Your Style?

Interior design can incorporate numerous looks. Some people like a classical concept, while others prefer modern aesthetics that include something daring and bold. You can even fuse these two concepts in unique ways to create something that you enjoy.

When you decide on a specific look for your home, it should complement the space while accomplishing your preferred style.

Here are some of the different interior design options you can choose for your home today.

1. Traditional Interior Décor

This choice takes its inspiration from 18th century England. It is more ornate and regal while delivering a more reserved attitude. You’ll find rich textiles features with this décor choice, along with dark wood, ornate trim, and plaid fabrics. Some people like to incorporate stripes or floral concepts.

The color palette for a traditional interior décor design is usually subdued and neutral. You’ll find plenty of white, beige, and tan – or variations on those tones. Other colors are used, but they tend to be muted.

2. Modern Interior Décor

If you like to blend different textures, shapes, and colors into your designs, this option might work better for your home. It takes its influence from mid-century modern concepts, Scandinavian culture, and includes some Japanese touches.

You’ll find an emphasis on clean lines with this option, along with minimal clutter, to create an open space with limited décor. Metal and glass get emphasized extensively with this option, with bold accents from furniture or art used to create visual appeal.

This option works best with neutral tones. White, gray, and light earth tones bring warmth and harmony to the design.

3. Scandinavian Interior Décor

When you select a 100% Scandinavian style for your home, the focus is on functionality and simplicity. There is also an emphasis on using sustainable materials whenever possible.

You’ll have more textures and colors to select with this interior décor, with throws and rugs often added for dimension. Each accent delivers hints of color, although the walls and flooring are typically all white with some gray undertones.

If you want to go all-in with this concept, please remember to select a low-VOC paint type for your decorating work.

4. Modern Farmhouse Interior Décor

Choosing this interior décor option allows you to blend modern elements with moments of rustic nostalgia. It incorporates the new and old into an inviting space that draws people to it naturally.

You’ll rely on traditional accents with this interior décor option while keeping a contemporary setting. That means you’ll add wood beams, shiplap, and barn doors to your interior design while maintaining an open-concept layout.

The colors you’ll use for this interior design option are neutral tones that lean toward white, although you’ll get pops of nature-inspired colors to add depth to the room.

5. Transitional Interior Décor

When you select this option for your home, you’re creating a fusion of two or more styles that your family appreciates. This choice aims to find the moments where they overlap and share common ground to create something cohesive.

A popular way to embrace this interior décor option is to use traditional patterns or furniture with modern lines.

You can choose virtually any paint color with transitional work, although something bright and bold might overwhelm the elements you’re adding. The one feature that does exist for all styles with this décor option is to include minimal knickknacks and accessories to maintain a clean look.

What If I Want to Change the Color Only?

If you have an interior décor design you already love, new paint color can refresh that space while keeping your costs low.

Some of today’s top choices for changing the look of a room include Urbane Bronze, Reddened Earth, and Antiquarian Brown from the Sherwin-Williams lineup.

When you have a white room, try adding gray elements to give it more of a coastal feel. If you have darker earth tones, use a lighter version of the same paint to create an inviting space.

The best colors can highlight the features you adore with your interior design style. If you need help getting the work done, our team is standing by to help!


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