Best Things to Install at Home: Your Most Frequent Home Installations

Modern Kitchen Installation

Your home is your castle. When you want to customize the living experience, you’re looking for things that make it safe, comfortable, and convenient.

Everyone has different priorities they follow when reviewing the best things to install at home. Some families might want an upgraded kitchen, while others would enjoy a game room, home theater, or other entertainment options.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, installing energy-efficient features might be a priority.

These are the most frequent home installations and upgrades that people make today to ensure they get the most value out of their property.

List of the Most Popular Home Installations and Upgrades 

1. Improved HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling costs are the most significant utility expense for most families. If you have an older home that hasn’t receive an HVAC upgrade in over a decade, it is time to get those Energy Star products. That investment might include a high-efficiency water heater, a more powerful furnace, or new baseboard heaters that use less electricity.

2. Double-Paned Windows 

When you have double-paned windows installed at home, you’ll get three immediate benefits from this investment. The extra glass acts as an insulating factor to prevent more heat from escaping in the winter or colder air from your A/C in the summer. It reduces the noise that you’ll hear from outside, and it adds value to your property.

3. Xeriscaping Upgrades

With today’s busy lifestyle, who has time to take care of a yard? Many New Yorkers are embracing the idea of xeriscaping, which took off in the Western states more than a decade ago. Instead of spending time raking, weeding, and mowing, you start using drought-tolerant plants and less traditional yard options, like stone, to create curb appeal for your property.

When you complete this installation, the water consumption you experience each month can decrease dramatically.

4. Pet Features

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, families started adopting pets in record numbers. Adjusting a home to accommodate their needs has become a priority for many families. You’ll find pet doors, catios, play areas, fenced yards, and meshed enclosures popping up all over New York as people adjust to life with their new family members.

5. Upgraded Bathrooms

Although the master bathroom tends to get all of the attention, families are installing upgraded fixtures and more throughout their home. This investment makes sense, as a property can often recoup up to 70% of the cost for this remodeling effort in added equity. 

You don’t need to put in marble countertops and tile to maximize this installation. Having a couple of sinks, extra mirror space, and tons of storage are all inviting features for the modern home. Don’t forget about giving your shower or bathtub an upgrade with this investment!

6. Integrated Electronics

Upgrading to a smart home is another widespread installation effort that will continue past 2020. As more technology becomes available to make life convenient, numerous products are worth considering to make your routine more comfortable to manage. You’ll find smart locks, thermostats, sound systems, outdoor lighting, security systems, and more are all easy ways to increase value while providing more safety and comfort.

When you can reduce your average daily temperature by a degree, you’ll save an average of 1% on your New York utility expenses. That means you can achieve some significant savings with these automated products to the point where they sometimes pay for themselves.

7. Home Theaters

With movie theaters closed because of the pandemic, more people are transforming a spare bedroom into an entertainment space. Having a theater to enjoy at home ensures that you can see your favorite films without risking a potential exposure incident. Popular installations for this upgrade include an 80-inch screen or larger, drop-down projector, and luxury seating options.

8. Kitchen Storage

Putting money into your kitchen is another way to build equity in your home. With many properties already having a usable space, most installations aim to add more storage to the working areas. By creating pantry areas, adding shelving, installing drawers, and finding space for more cabinetry, you’ll have less clutter on the counters. When your home stays organized, it feels less stressful. Having that peace of mind is essential when you don’t know what the world might try to throw at you next! 

The best things to install at home add comfort and convenience to each day. Which one of these options would you like to have at your house in the coming year? 


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