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Essential Design Tips for Small Apartments in NYC

NYC has some beautiful spaces to rent. Many of them put you right in the city’s heart, allowing you to find a great job or have your family near the best schools.

The only trouble is that these spaces tend to be tiny. Small apartments in NYC are part of the usual routine. Many live in studios or one-bedrooms, trying to count every square foot.

Although your space might be small, these design tips can help you maximize what is possible while keeping your costs low. 

What Are the Best Design Tips for Small Apartments in NYC?

The lack of space in a tiny NYC apartment will always be a challenge. You’ll need to commit to your spatial dynamics to make things work. The priority should be to create storage solutions to ensure clutter doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

You can make the overall experience feel successful when combined with minimal living. Here are some decorating options that strive to achieve that goal.

1. Entry Storage

Flat, empty surfaces tend to be catch-all places of leftover things. People toss their keys, coats, mail, and anything else in their hands onto these surfaces. The intention is to put everything away later, but that time never seems to arrive.

Use entry décor in your NYC apartment to avoid this mess. For example, you can organize your essential items by placing hooks and baskets near the doorway. Even a simple floating shelf installation can accomplish a lot.

2. Review Your Layout

When living in a tiny NYC apartment, it helps to be mindful of your furniture layout. One of your best options is to design with an eye toward the ceiling. For example, a loft-style structure can divide areas of the home while providing options underneath for kitchens, offices, or storage.

Place furniture so that it offers an open layout. If everything is clumped together, the space will feel closed and tight.

Folding screens can divide your bedroom in a studio apartment from the rest of the living space. 

3. Make It Compact

Life in a tiny NYC apartment requires clever use of your furniture assets. You’ll eliminate many of your spatial issues when you have pieces that offer dual functions. For example, combine this technique with more mirrors to make the room feel larger while using minimalist materials and slim or streamlined designs to keep the spaces serene, clean, and functional.

4. Think About the Bed

Life in a tiny apartment means your bedroom must receive as much attention as the other spaces in your home. A king-sized mattress will take up a lot of space. Do you want to sacrifice the open areas to have a spot that supports your sleep habits?

Instead of a standard bed, consider having a folding sofa bed or a daybed for your apartment. These options create more space, incorporate dual functionality, and can be as comfortable as other choices.

If you prefer maximum space, a Murphy bed is a go-to solution in NYC apartments. In addition, you can find choices with built-in desks, closets, and shelves.

5. Use Curtains Wisely

One of the best ways to maximize your style in a small apartment is to use curtains liberally. It’s a non-permanent and inexpensive way to distinguish different spaces in the home. For example, cotton or linen panels work better for the bedroom, while darker drapes can let you create a quiet reading area. 

If you don’t like using curtains, there are non-fabric options to consider. You can hang wooden beads, use bookshelves as dividers, or even add window panes to create your desired style while living in NYC.

6. Keep the Colors Light

Most small NYC apartments use light color schemes with lots of natural light because that combination makes the space feel open and inviting. Darker hues tend to cause studios and one-bedrooms to become closed, even claustrophobic. Use different pops of color from houseplants, rugs, or even throw pillows to show off your design and style.

If you love having dark colors in your apartment, consider using them as accents instead of the primary hue. More than half of the incorporated elements should be lighter to ensure the right tones are selected. 

Designing spaces to love while living in a tiny NYC apartment can feel challenging, but it can be successful when proceeding with a purpose. You can experiment with these options, combine them, or take your approach to create the perfect home. In addition, if you need help with any installation work, our team can be there to lend a hand!

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Five Kitchen Upgrades You Can Get Done in a Weekend

The weekend might be a great time to relax, but it can also be when those projects on your to-do list receive some attention. One of the best places to start is in the kitchen.

Since kitchens provide a significant amount of charm and curb appeal for a home’s interior, they should look beautiful while reflecting what your needs are today. It won’t serve you as efficiently if it feels outdated or doesn’t function well.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to start a complete renovation project to revamp your kitchen’s look and feel.

What Are the Best Kitchen Projects to Tackle This Weekend?

If you don’t have much time to upgrade your kitchen, these quick projects deliver a new look without wasting significant time or money. You can even tackle more than one idea to maximize the changes you see.

1. Hardware Changes

You can update the entire look of a kitchen by changing all the hardware. That means you’ll swap the old handles and pulls them with something new. A standard change is to switch from pulls to knobs or vice-versa. You might need to drill some holes or fill old ones to complete the update, but it’s still a doable weekend project.

The goal here is to experiment with colors. If you like the idea of brass, bronze, or gold, try getting new hardware with these tones. That way, you’re not committed to the expense of fixtures and faucets if you don’t like them.

2. Open Shelves

You don’t need to tear down your cabinetry if you think open shelves might work better in your kitchen. Try removing the doors to your existing upper cabinets instead to see if you like this option. 

Those open spaces can be where you display your best pieces, while the pots and pans go to a different spot.

If you decide that open shelves aren’t your thing, you can reinstall the cabinet doors next weekend. Another option is to change the doors to have glass panels for an updated and modern look.

When you want to do a significant change for a weekend project, you could consider taking down your cabinets to install new shelves. In addition, you might need to patch holes and give the space some fresh paint, so those efforts should be on the agenda for the first day.

You can install the shelves you love on the second day. 

3. Paint the Cabinets

Painting cabinets will give your kitchen a new look and feel once the project is finished. It helps to use high-quality, grease-resistant products for this project. Don’t forget to clean each surface thoroughly and allow it to dry to achieve the best results.

If you don’t want to tackle all the cabinets in your kitchen this weekend, try painting the upper ones only. You’ll achieve a new look while putting in half the work. 

4. Create a Statement Wall 

When you paint a wall in a room, it creates a visual statement because only one part of that space has that eye-catching color. You can do the same in some kitchens. This technique only takes an afternoon to complete, and the results speak for themselves.

Another option in this category is to paint the ceiling. If you have a hallway-style kitchen, this space typically gives you the most room to work with when trying different colors. Don’t forget to take down the fixtures first!

Painting the ceiling will need drop cloths on your counters and cabinets to ensure the mess stays contained.

5. Change the Floor

Although this project will take the most time, it is still something you can finish during the two days a weekend provides. You don’t need to be proficient with laying tile or mixing mortar to change the kitchen’s look. Peel-and-stick tiles do a great job of altering the look without requiring significant technical skills.

This project’s most time-consuming part is cutting the tiles to the sizes required to work around your cabinets. However, the work will be finished much quicker if you can move your cabinetry and appliances.

If you need any help with these projects or something more extensive, King Installation brings the experience you need while keeping the costs fair and competitive. For example, when you update a kitchen, even with a few new additions finished during a weekend, you can typically recoup most of the value in equity. So try the ones that make the most sense for your space today!