Brooklyn Painters: When Is It Time to Paint My Home?

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As a homeowner, you want your property to maintain its curb appeal. One of the fastest and easiest ways to accomplish that goal is to give your exterior a fresh coat of paint.

Unless you have a long-lasting product with permanent color, most homes need to be repainted every five to ten years. The time you can go between applications depends on the craftsmanship and quality used.

Some materials need to be repainted sooner than that, while others might survive a little longer. Contact your Brooklyn painters with the skills you can trust when you want to get the most value out of this investment!

What Are the Signs of a Home That Needs to Be Repainted?

It can be disruptive to paint a home’s exterior, but the work is worth the minor inconvenience. However, even putting off this project for more than a couple of years can cause damage to your home.

Paint is the first line of defense that protects the structure. So when you see these signs, it’s time to give things a fresh coat.

1. Signs of Wear and Tear

When paint wears out, you can see physical signs start showing on a home’s exterior. The most common issues you’ll see are bubbling, peeling, and cracking. When those symptoms appear, the paint no longer adheres to the siding or material used. 

Without adherence, moisture can penetrate the paint layer, causing other issues. Contact Brooklyn painters you trust for a professional assessment if you notice this problem.

2. The Color Starts Fading

Although faded paint isn’t a critical issue, it impacts your property’s curb appeal. When a house looks tired, neglected, or generally sad, it typically sells for less. This issue occurs because sunlight takes the color out of the paint.

There isn’t physical damage, but faded paint can cause a house to be an eyesore. So you’ll want to think about putting on something new before the problem gets any worse.

3. Gaps Start to Form

Look closely at your Brooklyn home. Do you see places where the house looks like it is pulling away from your window and door frames? If so, it’s time to update your paint. This issue happens because enough moisture has gotten into the structure to cause it to swell.

Before you apply new paint, you’ll need to add caulking material to the gaps to ensure you have a tight fit. Once the caulk is in place and dry, you can paint over the area. 

If you need to add multiple caulking layers, allow each one to dry before applying the next one.

Unless you recently painted the house, the new color will stand out against the faded paint. It’s usually a good idea to update everything to ensure a consistent look occurs.

4. The Caulk Is Cracking

The caulk used to seal the areas between your doors, windows, and walls can start cracking with age. This material keeps things sealed, but it eventually loses its elasticity and is brittle. It finally stops working and falls off the structure when given enough time.

If you find any places that had caulk before and don’t have them now, it’s time to correct the problem. Applying paintable caulk to your repair areas ensures that when you’re ready for the entire home to get an update, it’ll be prepared to accept the paint.

5. Enough Time Has Passed

Even if your paint isn’t showing signs of failure, it’s probably a good idea to redo your home after ten years have passed. Although some products are rated for a bit longer, age contributes to exterior problems.

The paint has done its job up to this point. Giving it some extra help ensures that you will get everything you need for another seven to ten years – although wood shingles and siding sometimes need an update in as little as three years with entry-level paint applications.

Is Your Brooklyn Home Ready for an Update?

Fresh exterior paint helps increase the curb appeal of your property while potentially adding cash value to a sale. Even if you aren’t trying to put your home on the market right now, the added equity that this work provides can give you a financial boost in other ways.

Working with professional Brooklyn painters ensures the job gets done the right way on the first attempt. If you’re ready to tackle this project, we’re here to help!


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