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The holiday season comes around once per year. When you put up Christmas lights at home or your place of business in the city, it takes time to get it right. However, the commitment can tempt some to keep them up all year.

If you love Christmas lights, our installation services are perfect for those that don’t have the time available to put them up themselves. Our professionals follow your ideas and deliver safe solutions that won’t damage your property.

It’s all to help your spirit shine brightly during the holidays!

We Install Standard or Custom Christmas Light Solutions

King Installation makes your Christmas light management as simple as possible this holiday season. We want you to enjoy an attractive design while gathering tons of compliments from your neighborhood or community.

Our team installs Christmas lights on commercial buildings, single-family homes, condos and co-ops (when authorized), and stand-alone areas on properties you own. We can take care of everything for you, including the design, installation, and takedown.

If you want to be more involved with the process, our crews can follow your installation plans to ensure your display looks how you imagined.

When you choose us for professional Christmas light installation services, you’ll discover these advantages come your way with this investment.

  • We can work up plans with you to create incredible designs for your roofline, trees, fences, landscaping elements, and almost any other surface on your property.
  • Our team helps take the guesswork out of the process by ensuring the installation works as expected.
  • When the holidays are over, you can trust our crews to deliver a worry-free takedown so that the lights don’t stay up all year.
  • We can install energy-efficient products that ensure your lights last without significantly driving up your electricity bills.

Whatever the shape or size of your home or commercial building, our crews have the experience and equipment to deliver a beautiful result during the holiday season. Of course, it helps to book your time on our schedule early because the prime install appointments go fast! In return, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during your busy Christmas season. 

How Much Do Christmas Lights Cost to Run?

The utility cost for Christmas lights depends on several factors, including the bulbs used and the size of the installation site. 

Rates are based on different factors, including how much you’re charged per kilowatt hour. The following estimates for the entire season are based on installing ten 100-bulb strands with a current utility rate of $0.12 per kWh.

  • LED Miniature Lights: $1.76
  • LED C9 Lights: $2.27
  • Incandescent Mini Lights: $10.33
  • C7 Incandescent Christmas Lights: $126.00
  • C9 Incandescent Christmas Lights: $176.40

The typical Christmas tree takes two to four strands of 100-bulb lights. That means you could already be halfway to that cost with one decorative element.

We’ll help you see the size and scope of your installation, provide an itemized estimate, and deliver high-quality results you can afford. 

All-Inclusive Christmas Light Installation Services

Our professional Christmas light installation services deliver big smiles to your family, neighbors, and clients. But we also know how stressful this season can be! So our team provides extra joy during the holidays through decorating and lighting by creating something beautiful.

We help you to create magic during this particular season with professionally installed Christmas lights. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect.

  • Home Christmas Light Installation. You can go big this Christmas with a holiday light display with our crews helping. Even if your goal is to have others enjoy a moment of happiness while they drive by, we’ll create a beautiful look for your home without worrying about falling off the ladder or damaging your property. We provide all-inclusive services.
  • Commercial Christmas Light Installation. Our commercial crews handle installations for hotels, shopping centers, municipal buildings, schools, hospitals, and much more. Whether you have a small storefront or a large structure, we can handle virtually any installation or decoration request. We’ll help you maximize your budget while transforming your property into a warm and welcoming sight for everyone who stops by.
  • Christmas Event Light Installation. The holiday season is perfect for social gatherings and significant events, including weddings! We can help you turn your reception area into a bright and festive spot where you can enjoy dancing, conversation, and fun.

If you’re interested in professional Christmas light installation services this year, please get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience! We’ll provide a free consultation and estimate so that you can see how affordable it can be to bring more joy to others during the holidays. 

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