Commercial Space Painting in Brooklyn

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Commercial buildings provide businesses with numerous opportunities to support local workers and neighborhoods. However, each structure’s needs must be met to maximize efficiency, from offices to storefronts to warehouses. 

Some business owners have multi-family buildings, including apartments, as commercial properties.

At King Installation, we believe that preparation is the most crucial step in commercial space painting projects. When this work is done correctly, the paint can last several years with minimal maintenance. 

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Types of Commercial Buildings We Paint

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Although office buildings are one of the most common commercial spaces our pros paint in Brooklyn, our expertise extends to numerous options across the borough. For example, if you have one of the following businesses, we can help you create a place where employees and customers will want to do business.

  • Hotels and Hospitality Sector Businesses
  • Restaurants, Diners, and Cafés
  • Warehouses and Professional Storage Centers
  • Industry Settings
  • Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, and Medical Clinics
  • Retail Stores and Storefronts
  • Multi-use Residential Buildings

If your property is zoned commercial in Brooklyn, we can help you achieve the look you want with our professional painting services.

Even if you lease a commercial property, your agreement might include build-out options that allow our team to achieve the look you want to support your clients.

We can also provide painting services in commercialized residential settings, including co-ops, apartments, duplexes, and condos.

How We Provide Commercial Painting Services in Brooklyn

King Installation begins each painting project by ensuring the room or space is ready to receive its update. That means we move any furniture that could be in the way when you have walls and ceilings that require attention.

If it isn’t practical to move objects out of the room, we centralize the furniture and cover it to ensure no paint gets on the items. Before bringing out our rollers and brushes, we protect the floor from splatters, runs, and spills.

Each room has different fixtures and switches plates that require removal. If these items aren’t addressed and new paint is added, you’ll end up with an incomplete job that shows if any of those things require replacement. 

Any wall or drywall damage, including holes and caulk cracks, will be addressed before the commercial painting work begins. That effort leads to the final stage, where we match textures as needed to ensure you receive a consistent look. Some walls may require light sanding to allow for more excellent adhesion.

After the paint is applied to each commercial space, you can rest assured that our team will clean up afterward. That allows your furniture to be replaced, the plates reinstalled, and a final walkthrough to ensure you’re satisfied with our work.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Painting Services in Brooklyn?

Commercial painting services’ primary benefit is that they offer an improved first impression. However, you only get one chance to deliver an initial high-quality result to a potential customer. Our services can help you achieve that goal with fair and competitive pricing.

Once you can attract new customers with an upgraded look, you can potentially bring more prospects your way to increase profits. 

Commercial painting services also set the environment for your employees. When people feel happy and comfortable where they work, they’re more likely to be efficient and productive. You can choose from several color options to ensure that each space sets the right mood for what you hope to accomplish. 

Here are other advantages to consider with our commercial space painting in Brooklyn.

  1. Keep Up with the Competition. When two stores offer the same products and prices, customers choose the service quality and overall environment when deciding where to shop. Our commercial painting services can help attract more people by updating your look to be modern and supportive.
  2. Improved Interior Life. Commercial space painting adds resiliency to each room. You can protect your walls from excessive sunlight and moisture while adding scratch resistance and other features to protect your investment. 
  3. Spaces That Reflect Your Brand. Paint provides a robust way to reflect a business’s vision and values. To make a positive statement, you can select colors representing company branding, including logos.

Commercial space painting in Brooklyn offers multiple benefits while ensuring each business puts its best foot forward. So if your organization is looking for ways to improve its first impression or streamline existing maintenance work, give King Installation a call today! We’re your local experts that can turn any room or storefront into a masterpiece. 


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