Décor Installations and Ideas for Your Home

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When you get the chance to move into a new home, it can end up being one of the greatest joys that life offers. It can also be a time of incredible uncertainty.

If you’re unsure of what you want to accomplish while decorating, it can be hard to turn any house, condo, or apartment into a real home with your personal style and décor preferences.

With a little planning, you won’t end up with a hodge-podge collection of different fabrics, carpets, rugs, and furniture. You’ll have an incredible design that feels warm and welcoming from the moment you step through the front door!

Best Tips to Follow for Décor Installations and Home Ideas

1. Know all of your measurements before you start shopping.


It’s essential to match your furniture’s scale to the size of each room. Although you might love the idea of having a deep sectional for your entertainment area, it’ll overpower a small space. When those beautiful chairs are by themselves in a large room, it feels like the items get lost in there. By measuring the width and length of each room you plan to decorate, you’ll have a better idea of what can fit.

Don’t forget about measuring your ceiling height and potential obstacles that could get in the way, including columns, radiators, and stairs.

2. Don’t start with the furniture.

You might have heard that it is better to do your grocery shopping on a full stomach instead of when you’re hungry. The same principle applies to your furniture needs. When it is time to update your décor, don’t be in a rush! It’s sometimes better to have an empty home than to grab a purple and blue striped sofa because that’s the only one in stock.

You’ll build the rest of your décor ideas around the central furniture items you’re using, which means it’s always better to start with a firm foundation.

3. Build your floorplan.

Although you could draw out your space using paper and a ruler to create the right scale, several software programs can do the job a lot faster. Apps like RoomScan Pro can even get the job done from the convenience of your smartphone. Once you know what is available for your decorating needs, it’ll be much easier to start experimenting with what is possible.

4. Finish each phase before starting on something else.

Some of your décor installations and decorating ideas can get messy. If you need to refinish those hardwood floors or clean up a popcorn ceiling, it helps to get that work out of the way before finishing your design. If you can’t avoid having the furniture in there first, try to seal your belongings under plastic drop cloths or put accessories into taped boxes to protect them from plaster, paint, and more.

5. Stay within your budget.


It can be tempting to splurge on something fantastic. You’ll also have less money to spend on the rest of your décor installations for the rest of the home if you do. That’s why it helps to be strategic with how you approach your spending. When you have a budget in place, it can serve as a roadmap for dividing all of your costs.

You can always make an exception if you find something incredible that you can’t live without, but that also means finding places to cut back on your other spending.

6. Be bold with your color choices.


Unless you plan to sell your home within the next 12 months, have some fun with your color choices. Use items or paint hues that speak to what you love. You can always put a fresh coat of neutral paint on once it is time to move.

Another way to add color to your home without significant modifications is to incorporate artwork. Adding different shapes, styles, and tones around a room can give it lots of personality without putting in a lot of redecorating work.

7. Focus on the little things.

It’s the little touches that turn a room into something that feels like home. That could mean adding some fresh flowers, a favorite vase, or another element that creates personal feelings of joy and comfort. Although you don’t want to overdo it with knick-knacks and such, a few purposely placed items can add a charming element to your décor.

It doesn’t take a significant investment to transform the look of a home. With these ideas, you can take a few weekends here and there to create stunning results!


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