9 Decorative Painting Techniques for Your New Home

painting the wall

Does it feel like your home has become outdated or stale? One of the best ways to update the look of your home is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

You don’t need to stick with a bare, solid color wall for this update. When you include one of these decorative painting techniques, you’ll get a low-cost way to add more visual interest to each room.

1. Sponging

This painting technique is fast and effective when you want to add dynamic texture to your walls. You can even grab a paint roller to do the job. One of the best ways to add depth to your walls with this choice is to use three different hues that complement each other. Since it doesn’t require a specific skill, anyone in the family can help with this project.

 2. Striping

Painting stripes on your walls will always make the area look fresh. You can incorporate this technique in numerous ways, including sizing and placement options.

 If the striping is thin, you’ll add subtle textures to your room while generating some visual intrigue. When you use contrasting stripes with a larger width for a statement wall or a bold interior, the visual flair added to the space creates the interior design foundation needed for a great room.

3. Stenciling

DIY enthusiasts have used this decorative painting technique for decades when they want to update the look of a home. Using wall stencils ensures that more intrigue and sophistication get added without needing to hire a contractor.

You can find stenciling ideas at most hardware stores. The Internet is a rich resource where you can find printable concepts that work with your update.

If it’s been a few years since your room had an update, you might consider refreshing the base paint layer before adding the stenciled finish.

 4. Harlequin

This classic pattern takes some time to paint when you want to get clean lines, but it’s easier to apply than herringbone. You’ll get instant movement and life in your room design, working as well in the kitchen as it does in a nursery, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

You’ll want to select colors that deliver subtle contrasts to maximize your investment in this painting technique.

Some people might prefer a higher contrast to create a bold statement. The latter might make it harder to sell a home later since the room will be distinctive.

 5. Metallics

When you want to update your home’s look quickly, and without much fuss, metallic paint is the best investment you can make. Since there are numerous ways to apply it, you can choose options that work with your style.

 A popular way to incorporate metallics today is to place the paint inside the wainscotting frame on your walls. You can even paint the entire room with this hue to make a statement that fits your style.

6. Polka Dots

When you don’t want to hire a professional contractor and have minimal DIY skills for painting, this technique still delivers a fun result. You can even get stampers or stencils that place the paint in perfect circles on top of the initial coat. It’s an instant punch of whimsy and uniqueness that draws people into the space.

 7. Color Washing

This beautiful painting technique adds instant texture and depth to any room. It’s also relatively easy to create.

You’ll begin the work by coating your room’s walls with satin base paint. Once you’ve completed that step, a large brush with your preferred glaze is placed on it to finish the job.

Painting with this technique works well for vibrant colors or neutral tones.

 8. Rag Rolls

This painting technique can be lots of fun to apply. It involves rolling a rag up and down a painted wall while it is still wet. The different lines add depth and texture to the room while creating subtle results that don’t encroach on the rest of the design elements.

9. Checkerboard

Adding a checkerboard style to your walls can add new style and color to any room. It eliminates the need for added décor while creating an almost infinite way to complete the work. Many rooms benefit from two high-contrast tones, but you can use nearly any combination you want. The only one to avoid is red and black – unless you want everyone to comment how your wall looks like a game board.

If you need help with any of these painting techniques or other home updates, be sure to contact our team today! We’ll work together to create a space that feels like you.


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