Designer Secrets to a Kitchen Renovation

designer kitchen

The one-room that adds the most value to the average home is the kitchen. When you update it with a designer’s perspective, you can achieve significant equity retention with this investment.

Older homes often benefit the most because they have outdated appliances, cabinets, and counters.

Here are some of the best secrets to consider if you’re planning a kitchen renovation project to maximize your time and money.

What Are the Best Designer Secrets to Use for Kitchen Remodels? 

1. Refrigerator Side Panels

Instead of letting the refrigerator sit underneath a set of small cabinets that you never use, a top kitchen design technique uses side panels that match the rest of the kitchen. This approach makes it seem like the appliance has more of a built-in look.

Since a standard countertop overhands the base cabinet door by a half-inch, the refrigerator panel depth should be slightly greater to prevent having the counter jutting past instead of converging. 

2. Taller Cabinets

Using tall cabinets increases the vertical aesthetics of a kitchen. Even if you have a relatively small space, the added height gives you a more dynamic look. Some older homes are built from the ceiling instead, which means you can shape the living space better by removing them and investing in new cabinets.

Every counter and cabinet you include in a kitchen renovation should have the same edge or reveal the combination.

3. Flush Counters

Although most counters overhang by a half-inch, you don’t need to follow that rule. Instead, some people prefer a flusher look to deliver a streamlined and modern appearance.

4. Pullouts Are a Great Investment

Every kitchen should have at least one pullout drawer. If you keep one by the oven, you’ll have a place for the items you frequently use while cooking. In addition, it’ll free up the space in your spice and herb storage while offering more room in the pantry.

If you have a large pantry, it helps install pullout drawers to make the stored products more accessible. When you only have shelves, the area can get relatively messy pretty quickly.

5. Organize the Cutlery

Most drawers offer a single layer for cutlery because it is such a traditional design. You stack the forks, knives, and spoons together because that makes sense.

If you have serving spoons, unique pieces, or small kitchen tools to store, you have to find a different drawer.

When you create a double cutlery drawer for your kitchen, it can hold everything. Unfortunately, it also doubles the storage capacity of that space. Although you can install trays to replicate this experience, it works better to use a built-in slider. 

6. Use a Corner Sink Appropriately

Many kitchens place the dishwasher next to a corner sink because the goal is to create convenience. The problem is that the space is so tight that the average person can’t stand at the sink and load everything.

You also want to avoid having the dishwasher be two or three cabinets away because an extra mess gets created.

The best design solution is to add a cabinet between the corner sink and the dishwasher. There should be at least 15 inches between the sink and the appliance to ensure the chores can get streamlined. 

7. Light Countertops

Many kitchen designers use stainless steel as a go-to finish because it adds touches of charm and sophistication to the kitchen. You can pursue whatever quality works for the budget since it also gives you a one-two punch for durability and availability at several pricing options.

If you have a light countertop, a stainless steel sink can look too dark for the overall look. This design tip holds even if every other element in the kitchen uses that finish. That’s why it is sometimes better to use a white sink instead. 

A Final Thought on Modern Kitchen Renovations

When you start designing a new or updated kitchen, it helps to think about outlet placement. The receptacles should be in usable areas with GFCI technology included to prevent shorts. 

It helps to color-coordinate the receptacle colors to eliminate aesthetic issues in the kitchen. Most electricians install white ones, but that creates a glaring change in the middle of a backsplash.

If you take the step to coordinate this design element with the rest of your kitchen, you’ll end up having the look you want without going over budget.

Kitchen remodels, and renovations may need permits or licenses to proceed. When you work with our team to accomplish this outcome, you’ll eliminate the stress while receiving the result you want for a fair and competitive price. Contact us today to begin discussing your ideas!


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