DIY Home Security Systems: 4 Investments to Consider Making This Year

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One of the fastest and most effective ways to guard your property is by having a dog or two live with you. They can alert you to potential intruders, keep you company at night, and encourage you to become more physically active.

The only problem with using dogs as your sole security system option is that a single steak could cause your pup to become a thief’s best friend!

Although you can purchase security cameras that funnel into a smartphone app to add monitoring to your home, today’s best DIY system provides a well-rounded approach that keeps your loved ones safe.

If you’re looking for DIY home security systems that work for your budget, here are the best options you’ll find today.

What Are the Best DIY Home Security Systems Today?

When you want to upgrade your home’s security, these systems offer a practical and affordable way to reach your goals.

1. Abode iota All-in-One Security System

This system is one of the easiest to install at home. It comes loaded with features, including multiple wireless radios, to ensure that your safety is prioritized. The product has support for several third-party platforms and devices so that you can expand your system as needed.

Pros of Using the Abode iotaCons of Using the Abode iota
The product comes with a 1080p camera for excellent monitoring clarity.

It offers IFTTT, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and Alexa support.

You receive free cloud storage and have local file-saving options to use.

On-demand professional monitoring is available.
The initial MSRP is $299, with additional costs necessary to expand the home security system.

Some settings require the companion app to manage.

2. FrontPoint Safe Home Elite

If you don’t mind committing to a contract, you’ll find that the FrontPoint Safe Home Elite kit provides an excellent selection of technology to use. It delivers home automation, security components, and environmental products in a straightforward installation package.

Pros of FrontPoint Safe Home EliteCons of FrontPoint Safe Home Elite
You’ll receive plenty of component choices so that your home security system gets a customized result.

It works with Google Assistant or Alexa for voice commands.

You don’t need to have a contract to take advantage of its benefits as FrontPoint has eliminated their 12- and 36-month requirements.
Some of the monthly plans you’ll use for your home security are quite expensive, with fees starting at $44.99.

This equipment doesn’t offer IFTTT support.

3. SimpliSafe Home Security

When you want to have access to whole-home security solutions, this bundle is one of the best DIY options around. It lets you avoid an expensive long-term contract while offering versatility with its many features.

Pros of Using SimpliSafe Home SecurityCons of Using SimpliSafe Home Security
The hardware is reasonably affordable and includes multiple contacts, motion sensors, and hubs.

No contract is required if you want to use off-site monitoring.

It can connect via wi-fi or cellular for fast communication.
Since it is a complete security system, it’ll take more time to install.

The camera it offers is rather underwhelming with its overall resolution.

4. Wyze Sense Starter Kit

If you need a straightforward home security solution that keeps to a specific budget restriction, you’ll want to consider this small skit. It comes with contact sensors, a motion sensor, and a bridge to get things started.

Pros of the Wyze Sense Starter KitCons of the Wyze Sense Starter Kit
It’s one of the cheapest DIY kits available today.

You can use IFTTT or Alexa voice commands.

The small components are easy to install.
You’ll need a Wyze camera to work with the system.

The motion sensitivity settings aren’t adjustable.

You might need to reinforce the mounting adhesive.

Do You Need Help with Your Security System?

Although DIY home security systems are designed for self-installation, some components can be a bit tricky to place correctly.

When the instructions don’t seem to make sense, contacting a trusted contractor or handyman service to complete the work is a reasonable investment.

If you hire someone to install your system, make sure that their work is guaranteed. The last thing you need is a failure when you have an emergency!

A DIY home security system is an affordable way to stay safe. With the options above, you have several choices that could end up being the best fit for your property.


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