Drywall Repair Services in Brooklyn


Drywall is an effective way to create manageable living spaces through structural upgrades. It’s easier to install than plaster, more affordable than shiplap or tile, and delivers a versatile painting surface.

The only trouble with drywall is that it can be easily damaged. You’ll get a hole in the product if you smash it with furniture or a foot with too much strength.

Drywall can be repaired in most circumstances. However, if you don’t have the tools available to create a patch, our experts will get the job done for a fair and competitive price. Contact King Installation today for a free consultation!

Why Drywall Repair Matters in Today’s Homes

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You can find several drywall repair options at most hardware and DIY stores. Placing a premade patch over the affected area might seem like an affordable shortcut when you have a small hole to patch. Unfortunately, although these products are effective, they also raise the wall’s surface by a few millimeters.

If you look from afar at the drywall patch, it looks fine. However, you’ll see the seam on the wall when you get close. That might work fine for your current needs, but what about when it is time to sell the home?

There are strengths to review when using a simple patch on a drywall hole. First, is the wall’s structure affected by the damage? If so, you’ll need to complete a full repair instead of trying to cover up the potential issue.

Even though large hole patches come with metal bracing, the result isn’t as effective as a complete patch that includes new drywall, tape, and joint compound. Unfortunately, there are no practical shortcuts to drywall repair.

Can I Use Joint Compound to Cover Small Holes?

A typical clause in apartment leases involves returning the residence to its previous condition when taking possession of it. If you hang pictures on the walls by inserting nails or screws into the drywall, you might need to make several small patches to complete the necessary repair.

A drywall compound might be enough to complete the work when you have small holes to patch. White walls do a reasonably good job of not showing off the materials after dries. However, for apartments with painted walls and bold colors (red, orange, blue), the white patches will look like joint compound “freckles” once it dries.

Most drywall repair efforts require a paint that matches the existing product to complete the repair. For example, if it has been more than three years since the walls had a color update and they have consistent sunlight exposure, you likely need to give the entire room a refresh. 

This advice includes homes, apartments, and businesses with white paint on the walls. Although it is more challenging to spot patchwork with two light colors, a close inspection will show that patching happened. You’ll need to cover the material with another coat of paint to have the job done correctly. 

How Do Drywall Repair Services Help in Brooklyn?

Drywall repair can be a messy job. So when you bring the King Installation team to the project, here is what you can expect for an outcome.

  • We professionally evaluate the project in person or virtually to provide a complete and accurate quote for the work.
  • Our team operates around your schedule whenever possible to minimize disruptions to your operations or daily routine.
  • We can tackle the most complex areas that require drywall repair, including features like curves, corners, and places where multiple wall joints come together. 
  • When the job is finished, we clean up to ensure there isn’t drywall dust, wall remnants, and other materials contaminating the property.

Professional drywall services in Brooklyn do an excellent job of texture matching. However, when you have popcorn ceilings or textured walls, it can be challenging to match the visual aesthetics perfectly. Our team knows how to create a seamless look without needing to re-texture everything.

You can also trust King Installation to bring the best materials to the project. If you select the wrong joint compound, tape, screws, or nails, your repair can look unattractive. It might even need to be redone! Our pros can evaluate the situation, select appropriate items, and deliver the promised results within the expected time. 

When you cut into a wall to repair the drywall damage, there is a small risk that you could impact your electrical or plumbing. Our team knows how to check for these components, works around them carefully, and completes the task as expected. So you can trust the results! 


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