Garage Renovation Ideas on a Limited Budget


Is your garage the receptacle for all your spare tools and sports equipment? You don’t need to let that space become a massive heap of unorganized stuff.

A few affordable garage makeover ideas can help you save some space, transform its usefulness, and get you the functional area you want for all your favorite activities.

Before you start the renovation, it is essential to declutter everything. When you figure out how you want things to function, you can highlight the best attributes of that space.

Tips for Getting More Space in Your Garage

1. Install Magnetic Panels

A cheap way to create more space in your garage is to install some magnetic storage panels or strips on the wall. Most tools are made of metal that you can keep there to have everything stay organized. You can even use some old and clean soup cans for storing pens, pencils, nails, and other loose items.

2. Use a Folding Workbench

Instead of allowing a large workbench to dominate your storage space, consider mounting one on the wall that folds up. You can have a sturdy spot hung on the studs that handle tons of weight when you need to use it. After you’re finished, it folds away to let you have an open area.

If you have lots of tools to store, it might be better to use a toolbox and workbench combo to maximize the storage potential of the area.

3. Add Ceiling Hooks

Finding spaces for large objects, like soccer goals or bicycles, can be a constant struggle in the modern garage. That’s why it helps to look up to the ceiling for some unused space.

Use rubber-coated hooks rated for heavy-duty work for the best results. They only cost a few bucks each. Then you can use a power drill to make the pilot holes that the products need to twist into the ceiling.

4. Create an Outdoor Tool Holder

If you have some property to manage, your garage might turn into a gardening shed. Instead of dealing with grass clippings, rakes, and shovels, it helps to use an outdoor protected wall to protect your gear.

A homemade wall hanger that holds these tools will keep them out of the corner and more organized. All it takes is a few hooks drilled into a 2×6 board with the correct spacing to hold the handle while keeping the rest of the tool above that point.

5. Use Overhead Storage Shelves

Whether you’ve got totes, crates, or boxes all over the garage floor, you can free up tons of space by taking advantage of your overhead areas. If you think about where you can stack items vertically, you’ll get a lot of space where it’s easier to control your usable area.

You can find ceiling-mounted storage systems available that hold up to 500 pounds per unit. Although the heavy-duty options often cost the most, it’s still cheaper to use that method than to renovate the entire garage.

6. Keep Sports Gear Together

If you or your family are involved with sports, you know how hard it can be to keep everything together. One of the best ways to keep stuff organized is to create some homemade bins for your balls. Build them along a wall with three pieces of wood to create a “U” shape. Once attached to the wall, you can install bungee cords that keep the items in place.

Some equipment is small, allowing it to fit on floating shelves. You can even use those rubber hooks on the ceiling for your fishing gear.

If you’re willing to be creative with this option, you’ll find that tons of space are possible when opening up your garage’s usable areas.

7. Upgrade the Floor

Most garage floors are simple concrete slabs. Although this option gets the job done, it doesn’t provide a finished look. That’s why an epoxy floor coating is a great choice. It resists grease and oil stains while staying durable.

You’ll need to patch the cracks and potholes in your existing floor before starting this process. It should also get cleaned with an all-purpose product and appropriately mixed.

Then you can stir the paint, apply it to the floor, and spread it evenly until the color is smooth. It needs 24 hours to dry and a second coat to finish the job.

It doesn’t take much of an investment to turn a full garage into valuable space for multiple needs. Contact our team today if you’d like to renovate this space so that we can talk about your project!


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