General Installation Services for Appliances and More

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Are you ready to complete your exterior or interior home project in Brooklyn? Our general installation services let you tackle numerous projects, ranging from appliances to new drywall while ensuring your property rises to meet your current and future needs.

Whether updating the kitchen, installing new cabinets, or creating a backsplash, our pros have the tools and expertise to knock out that project quickly and affordably. We’ll help elevate your exterior’s look with a new door or repair that deck where you host gatherings in your garden space.

Each team member undergoes a thorough background check to ensure you receive the desired outcomes. In return, you can schedule your general installation services confidently, knowing that you’ve hired experienced professionals to manage your project.

We Strive for a One-of-a-Kind Experience

If you’ve been shopping for appliances or home updates, you’ve likely dealt with some pressure with the entire experience. We don’t want that to continue when it’s time to install those purchases.

As one of the premier providers of general installation services in Brooklyn, you can trust our expertise because we’ve seen nearly every scenario. We take the time to review your needs, ensuring that the “appliance installation near me” question gets answered confidently. 

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to bring our team in for your next project.

We Ensure the Work Is Up to Code

appliances in the kitchen

Did refrigerators require clearance around the entire appliance to ensure enough ventilation? The unit’s expected lifespan can significantly increase if you meet those needs. However, you might also see a rise in utility costs, even after purchasing an energy-efficient unit.

Most freestanding refrigerators and appliances are relatively simple to install. But are you willing to risk damaging the unit by trying to haul it into your home?

Appliances like dishwashers can be deceiving to install. A series of power connections, tubes, and spray arms can be challenging to access. In addition, you’re creating a direct line through the kitchen plumbing to a sewage drain. If the job isn’t done right, foul odors could come into your food preparation areas.

Other appliances in the kitchen or throughout the home present similar challenges. Whether it’s a simple swap or you’re going from a hard-wired unit to one that needs an outlet installed, it helps to have pros available for the project. You can trust our team to adapt to your home’s unique needs, ensuring that the work is done efficiently and affordably. 

We Install All Brands

By providing services directly to home and business owners in Brooklyn, we can deliver significant savings for your next project. Our technicians have completed countless installations, including all major brands. 

We handle gas and electrical appliances, along with the coordinating work that needs to be done with your project. 

Our commercial installation services benefit enterprise-level corporations, small businesses, and everyone. In addition, we serve hospitals, the hospitality industry, hotels or motels, and anyone who uses appliances regularly.

You’ve already spent plenty to get the equipment and cabinets for your appliances. Our expert installation services ensure that each unit performs at its peak while avoiding damage to your surrounding fixtures and assets.

These general installation services are appropriate for bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, patios, and entertainment spaces – even if you don’t have a kitchen!

We Help You Manage the Project

Although it might be tempting to skip the general installation services for your next project, our team provides three unique benefits to help the management portion.

  • Saves You Time. Our installation service requests are more accessible than ever to manage. Let us know what you’ve got happening at your property, and we’ll set up an appointment to see the project or dig into the work. So you’re kept in the communication loop every step of the way, from start to finish. 
  • More Efficient. We follow strict procedures to ensure your appliances or renovations look and function as expected. From water valves to electrical lines, our trained technicians have the experience to manage commercial and luxury installs.
  • Fewer Unexpected Costs. Homeowners that haul and install appliances without help can sometimes experience additional costs due to property damage or improper installation techniques. Those repairs come straight from your pocket.

We complete projects according to your schedule. Our general installation services offer accurate timeframes while limiting disruptions to your operations or daily routine. If you’ve got some work that needs to be done, we’re the ones who can help turn your vision into reality!


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