Home Renovation Ideas After Bringing Home Your Newborn


You’ve likely put in plenty of work on your home to prepare it for your newborn. For example, first-time parents often convert one of their rooms into a nursery, remove sharp corners, and add different safety features to cabinets and doors.

Some homes need extra work done on the floors, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. Anything that poses a potential risk factor requires babyproofing or relocation because of the safety risks involved. 

Here are some ideas you can tackle after bringing home your newborn to ensure each space is safe without compromising your general needs.

1. Create a Cozy Kitchen

You can introduce booth seating in some kitchens to make the space more functional and fun to use with a little one. Then, as your baby grows, they’ll enjoy playing in that area, coloring underneath the table, and using your drawers to store items.

If you have a dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room, it might help to knock out one of those walls. Then, it’ll be easier to stay connected, keep an eye on your little one, and interact with the family while preparing meals.

2. Invest in Built-ins

Your newborn’s nursery will eventually turn into a bedroom. So it’ll need kid-friendly cubbies, lockers, and other built-ins to help keep everything organized. 

A built-in bookshelf delivers stylish storage with excellent functionality, transforming a space into a focal point. You can build them yourself by sticking the shelves in front of the wall, adding trim around the addition, or placing them within the studs if no wires or pipes are in that space.

3. Exterior Updates

Your home’s exterior sometimes needs a minor renovation to keep up with the changing times. A major update is also helpful if your family is growing. You might consider adding a patio, deck, or backyard pool for at-home entertainment. These additions can significantly raise your property value without an overly expensive upgrade.

If you decide to add an in-ground pool to your Brooklyn property, it’s important to remember the fencing requirements for this renovation. In addition, it often helps to hire a professional contractor for this kind of project since you’ll spend time with your newborn.

4. Think About Storage

After bringing home a newborn, most parents are shocked by how much space a couple of weeks’ worth of diapers can take. You can quickly run out of storage room when you add in the blankets, sheets, and other essentials.

As your child grows, the storage space will fill with toys and what seems like endless clutter. If you don’t want these items taking over your life, adding some storage options to your renovation projects should be a priority.

5. Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom becomes everyone’s temporary escape once kids come into the picture. So don’t underestimate how much value you’ll place on being able to lock the door for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Your kids will appreciate a modern bathroom’s benefits as they get older. The first renovation should focus on shelves and cabinets that they can reach. These items should also be high enough so toddlers can’t grab stuff when they wander off unsupervised.

If your Brooklyn home doesn’t have GFCI outlets in the bathroom, a great time to consider this upgrade is when your little one comes home from the hospital.

6. Fixtures and Switches

Older homes often have circular switches to control ceiling fans or thermostats that some kids can reach once they start to walk. Upgrading these to sliders to avoid pinched fingers is an affordable upgrade that adds a modern touch to the home. 

Having a newborn is also a good time to consider your home’s lighting needs. It helps to have plenty of indoor illumination, especially in that first month when sleep seems to be gone forever. Cords and sockets within reach of little fingers can be hazardous, so it’s often better to stick with upgraded overhead options.

7. Flooring Changes

Hardwood floors are a great option to consider with little ones because they don’t retain dust, mold, or mildew. As a result, they’re easier to clean when messes happen, and you’ll notice fewer allergens in the home because pollen doesn’t get trapped in natural or synthetic fibers. As the kids get older, you can add area rugs to the floor for extra color or ease of maintenance. 

It can be challenging to be a first-time parent, but the rewards are coming. Investing in your home after your newborn arrives can be a safe and welcoming place for everyone!


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