Home Renovation Ideas for Interior Improvements


The goal of every home renovation idea is to add value to your property.

How you define “value” depends on what you hope to accomplish. If your home serves as your financial retirement vehicle, you’ll want it to sell for the best price possible.

When you want your house to serve your needs more comfortably, it is better to add comfort and convenience to your interior environment.

Some homeowners might want to solve both issues with each project!

These ideas are not intended to be a catch-all for what to do at your place. Think of them as an inspiration to find new ways to approach your current home.

Renovation Ideas to Help a Home Meet Your Goals

1. Start increasing your storage space.

If you have stairs at home, the area underneath is likely unused space. Some places turn this spot into a coat closet. If you open it up to the rest of the room, it could become bookshelves, a sitting area, or even a breakfast nook.

2. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Most homes need new paint every 3-5 years to keep the interior looking fresh, although its lifespan can reach up to 15 years. If you can’t remember the last time an update occurred, this improvement can help you change your entire space’s look. Go lighter or trend darker; whatever it is that you want to have in your home should emphasize this project.

Unless you plan to sell your house in the next 12 months, don’t paint it for others. Create a space that you’ll love!

3. Increase the natural light your rooms receive.

If you have some money in your remodeling budget, it might be time to replace some windows. Older properties tend to have smaller spaces for the sunlight to shine through into the home. Changing the design to use floor-to-ceiling windows can brighten your room naturally.

Another option could be to add a skylight to your bathroom, entryway, or kitchen.

4. If you have a basement, finish it. 

Most basements remain unfinished because of the time and expense it takes to insulate that room, install flooring, and route the HVAC system. You might even have some painting and trim work to complete. If you take these efforts one step at a time, you’ll have a usable space soon enough that adds more versatility and value to your property.

5. Transform your attic.

Most attic spaces receive minimal support. It’s the place where wiring, insulation, and a few bats might be the only things found. Although this work can have significant structural challenges to solve, it can also be that extra place for another spare bedroom, the home office, or a playroom.

If you have an unfinished attic, the first step is to wire it for electricity. It might need to get cleaned out to accomplish this step. You’ll need to insulate the roof, build a subfloor, and install the drywall and ceiling. That’s a lot for a DIY project, which is why you usually see this update recommended for professional contractors

6. Update your appliances.

If you have appliances that are more than a decade old, you’re burning through more energy than you might realize. Modern efficiencies are creating massive savings for homeowners to the point where some investments can eventually pay for themselves. You’ll want to look at your water heater, refrigerator, and dishwasher first to see what could work for this renovation idea.

7. Rip out that old carpet.

Carpeting offers some insulation and soundproofing in exchange for trapping allergens, dust mites, and mold spores. Even the best vacuum cleaners can’t pull out all of the cruds that seeps into the padding underneath. If you get headaches or other symptoms consistently, it might be time to look at a different option.

If hardwood floors are outside of your budget, consider installing vinyl. It provides the same benefits while reducing your remodeling cost. Several styles are available, including waterproof options, to create a look that doesn’t feel cheap.

8. Create a feature wall.

When your room needs a simple change, a feature wall could be the exact interior improvement your home requires. Don’t settle for a simple color change with this project. Add more details to it! Adding wainscotting, some simple trimming options, and similar upgrades before giving it a dose of contrasting hues can give the space for aesthetic interest.

When you follow this home renovation idea, please remember to think about your coordinating furniture. In spaces with massive contrast, natural tones bring warmth and coziness. Use oak, maple, and walnut to complete the change.

Updating a home can be an affordable way to add equity and comfort. If you’re looking for some ideas for your space, our team can provide a fresh perspective and an accurate estimate for the project.  


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