How to Choose the Materials for a Kitchen Renovation

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Before choosing your new countertops and picking out appliances, a kitchen renovation project should operate from a well-developed plan as a foundation. It helps to identify priorities and goals to ensure the space works to fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Try exploring different layouts and designs to see what you like. Then, operate with a clear vision, always moving forward from the expectations you’ve built from the original plans. 

Once you’ve taken those steps, you can look for storage and space. Then, after the foundation is built, you can review the various materials to install in your new kitchen.

What Are the Best Materials for My Home?

Selecting the new materials for your kitchen helps separate the evaluation into various categories of renovation or installation. For example, you’ll want to address countertops, lighting options, wall treatments, windows, floors, cabinets, backsplashes, and other surfaces.

Here are some ideas to consider in each category to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. 

Kitchen Countertop Options

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The countertop is one of a kitchen’s big-ticket items. You can find several materials from which to choose in this category, ranging from laminate to granite. Each option has specific strengths and weaknesses to review, so you’ll want to consider how you use this space before finalizing a choice.

Additional countertop materials popular in today’s homes include marble, concrete, wood, and ceramic tile. 

Kitchen Wall Treatment Options

Most kitchens receive high-quality paint as a wall treatment because it protects the drywall or plaster while providing an easy-to-clean result. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it staining as much as you would with wallpaper or paneling.

The choice often depends on the colors you select for your counters and cabinets. If you have darker tones, it helps to use a lighter shade for the walls to create contrast in that space. 

Kitchen Cabinet Options

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Most kitchen cabinets are made with wood, plywood, or MDF today. You’ll get what you pay for with materials in this category, so it helps to invest as much as possible to receive the long-term support this space requires.

About half of a kitchen renovation budget gets spent on the cabinets, which is why it helps to pause at this point to determine what you want. Hundreds of cabinetmakers produce thousands of designs and options to consider, so something out there matches your style.

Some manufacturers offer stock designs, while others only do bespoke work. Once you’ve chosen the materials, including glass doors, your installer will work with you to determine the number and type that will maximize your space.

Different kitchen storage options include pantry-style cupboards, lazy susans, and open shelving.

Kitchen Backsplash Options

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Most kitchen backsplashes are created with ceramic or porcelain tiles. However, the subway-style format is popular today because the size bridges the gap between small products that take time to install and large designs that overwhelm the area.

The primary difference between porcelain and ceramic tile is how the products are made. Both are produced from a kiln-fired clay mixture, but the porcelain is more refined and baked at a higher temperature. That makes it denser and more durable than its ceramic counterpart.

It is suitable to create a kitchen backsplash from ceramic or glass tile, especially if you don’t use the space often. However, investing in porcelain makes sense when you need something durable for your working areas that is easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen Doors and Hardware 

Doors accomplish more than being an entry into today’s homes and kitchens. They offer access to this space while providing an opportunity to add another decorative touch. You can try sliding, swinging, or glazed options. Older homes even have pocket doors to create open or closed spaces based on your preferences.

You’ll enjoy a fantastic installation or remodeling project when you tie in some incredible hardware, such as copper and brass, with your preferred look for the doors. 

What Materials Work Best in My Kitchen Today?

The final consideration for your kitchen materials depends on what activities you regularly perform in this area. Above everything else, you need this room to be functional and supportive.

Wood counters aren’t a great choice if you need to place hot pans in open spaces because you have a small oven. Vinyl floors might work better than hardwood, but will you achieve the equity bump you want by going with a lower-level option?

If you need any help selecting the materials for your kitchen, please feel free to reach out to one of our representatives at your convenience. 


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