How to Choose the Right Tile for Your Home

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One of the best additions you can add to any home is tile. It’s a versatile medium that you can use for everything, including floors, walls, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Several tile options are available to consider. If you want to install this product at home, you can choose from natural stone, porcelain, glass, ceramic, metal, and more.

How can you know what product is the best one to use when you want to add tile to your home with all those choices available?

Benefits of Each Tile Type to Consider

Each tile type offers several benefits to consider when you’re updating your home’s design and feel. Here is an overview of what you can expect with each one.

Ceramic Tile
It is a water-resistant option with a 0.6% moisture absorption rate.

Most products are made from natural clay to create a VOC-free installation.

It delivers a durable, stain- and scratch-resistant surface that you can clean easily.

You can use this option to replicate the look of wood, stone, or your other favorite items.
Porcelain Tile
It offers a 0.5% water absorption rate, making it a life-proof option that works well in the kitchen or bathroom.

Most products come with a life cycle of at least 50 years. 

Digital printing technologies can help your porcelain look like cement, marble, stone, or wood at an affordable price. 
Glass Tile
This tile type is waterproof, which is why it is often used for backsplashes, feature walls, and showers.

Several color choices are available to create a contemporary look.

Most products in this category get cleaned with a simple all-purpose product and a dry cloth.
Metal Tile
You can install authentic metal in your home with this product, whether it’s infused in the tile or placed on top of it.

This tile type is lightweight and easy to install, ensuring that the finishing touch meets your expectation.

The tile is relatively easy to care for, with several design options available to consider.
Stone Tile
If you select this tile option for your home, it comes from naturally harvest products from global quarries.

You can achieve a unique or exotic look while following standard tile installation needs.

With proper maintenance and care, the stone will last for a lifetime once it is installed in your home. 

It provides an elegant visual aesthetic with distinctive grains and veins without compromising its use for countertops and more.
Quarry Tile
This tile type delivers a superior slip-resistance feature that makes it ideal for heavy traffic areas or commercial installations.

It is unglazed and textured to prevent water damage from forming.

Quarry tile is one of the easiest to maintain because of its overall design qualities. 

It offers an excellent durability profile so that you can manage your ongoing needs successfully. 

Selecting Tile Options for the Floor

When you want a tile floor at home, the two standard choices that most homeowners consider are porcelain or ceramic.

With porcelain tile, you can install click-together options that provide perfect grout lines every time with RevoTile™ technology. There’s no lippage because of this alignment, and you can grout the same day since it uses underlayment instead of mortar.

For ceramic tile, you have a broad category to consider with this clay-based product. It isn’t as dense, but the cost profile is also lower. If you’re trying to install a floor yourself, you’ll find that it is much easier to cut.

What About Tile Options for the Wall?

If you need a new backsplash, shower wall, or statement piece at home, tile delivers an excellent outcome at an affordable price.

Once a tile wall is installed, it is a virtually worry-free maintenance experience. You won’t have the same issues to manage when those areas have paint or wallpaper.

Almost any tile type is suitable for use when installing tile on a wall. As with the floors, ceramic is likely the most affordable option. If you want something with unique visual appeal, metal or glass are mediums to examine.

When your goal is to maximize the value of your investment to get an equity boost, natural stone tile is your best choice.

Your tile quality is only as good as the installation processes used to create the look you want. Although it can be a DIY skill, hiring a professional contractor can reduce the installation time while providing a guaranteed result.  


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