How to Find a Knowledgeable Appliance Repairman


Finding the best technician to fix your appliance seems like it should be a simple task. Unfortunately, it ends up being far more complicated and frustrating.

We’ve all encountered the service providers that arrive late – assuming that they even show up to do the work at all. If the repairman is there, they could be unprepared or unable to handle the job you need them to do.

Add in the hidden fees, unexpected charges, and that essential part that always seems to be missing, and it makes you want to do the repair yourself.

How can you reduce the risk of encountering this problem when you need appliance repair help? These questions will help you to weed out the pretenders from the mix.

1. What kind of experience do you have?

Have the repair person outline their exact experience with your problem before offering to pay for services. Although there are some jobs with rare issues that no one has ever seen, most technicians have the training and experience to tackle that challenge.

Have the repair company or technician outline the expected job so that you know what to expect.

2. How long do I need to wait for an appointment?

When appliances decide to stop working, it usually happens at the worst possible moment. You need help with a repair as quickly as possible. Some repair companies offer same-day or next-day services, allowing you to get life back to normal quickly.

Try to get at least three bids for your repair before selecting a provider. If that is not possible, have the technician provide you with a detailed estimate. If your appointment is weeks away, try to find someone else to do the work.

3. Do you offer a guarantee?

The best appliance repair companies and technicians provide a quality guarantee. That means they warranty their work. If something happens because of their negligence, the repairman returns to correct the problem without charging you more.

You’ll want to work with a maintenance specialist that uses guaranteed parts as part of the repair. Some organizations upcharge specific components to create another revenue stream. If the estimate you receive seems high, compare the price of parts and labor costs to see if they’re similar.

You can even find the price for parts online. Be aware: if you order parts for a repairer to install, they won’t usually guarantee what you’ve purchased.

4. Do you have an arrival window?

Appliance repairs can be an unpredictable business. The reason why you get a 4-8 hour window from some providers is due to this issue. You can walk into a home, find problems that no one knew about, and it takes time to correct the situation.

You’ll want to ask about the arrival window for the technicians. It helps to get the first appointment of the day or the one after lunch if your schedule isn’t flexible because those times are more consistent.

If the repairman doesn’t arrive, ask what your options are before hiring someone to be made whole for the lost day.

5. Are there any referrals I could contact?

Most companies have public reviews that you can see to measure the quality of work offered. When there are mostly positive outcomes noted, the information provides confidence in a technician’s ability to meet customer needs.

Some repairs are worth seeing in person. You may prefer talking with customers who have worked with a specific agency or technician in the past. If there aren’t any referrals you can contact, it may be wise to proceed with caution.

Another way to gauge the reputation of a company is to see how they respond to negative reviews.

6. Could I get a copy of your insurance coverage?

Appliance repairers should have general liability insurance. Depending on the agency status, workers’ compensation, a surety bond, and other requirements may be necessary. You should request a current copy of the policy or coverage to keep for your records if something goes wrong.

The easiest way to verify this information is to receive a proof-based document. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau, your local government, and similar institutions. Don’t accept confirmation over the phone – get everything in writing!

Additional Considerations for Appliance Repair

Before agreeing to any contract for appliance repair, it helps to take the time to read the fine print. Although this delay often creates visible annoyance, you should never sign a document without understanding the terms and conditions you must follow.

You can always ask for more time or information to decide who the best appliance repairman is for your needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone or your instinct says not to trust an agency, it is your right to look in a different direction. 


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