How to Install a Murphy Bed

murphy bed

One of the best ways to save space in a small apartment or condo is to use a Murphy bed. This design folds up into the wall or a storage area so that you can use the full square footage of the space during the day.

When it is time to go to bed, you lower the bed to use it again. 

Although you can install a Murphy bed into a wall of a single-family home or an apartment you own, you won’t have that luxury in most rentals. That’s why purchasing a wall bed is often your best choice to take advantage of this space-saving design resource.

Steps to Follow When Installing a Murphy Bed

Once you have the Murphy bed at home, it is time to follow the instructions that came along with your product.

If you didn’t receive any instructions or you’re installing a DIY Murphy bed, here are the steps to follow. 

1. Find the right location.

When you decide that a Murphy bed is your best solution to save space, you’ll want to select the right location for this furniture. It shouldn’t be in an area where it becomes a hazard to you. If you must move items to open and close the bed, you’ll want to find a different spot.

2. Find the wall studs.

Your Murphy bed must get anchored to your wall studs to prevent the product from tearing out the sheetrock with use. You’ll need a stud-finding tool for this step. Although the newer designs can distinguish the wood from metal, some false positives are occasionally known to happen. You’ll want to find the three studs along the installation wall at equal spaces to ensure you’re attaching the furniture correctly.

The last thing you want happening is a puncture of your plumbing or sewer pipe when installing a Murphy bed!

3. Mount the brackets.

Once you mark where the studs are, you’ll need to drill holes that let you attach the mounting brackets for your Murphy bed. It helps to add them to your furniture first so that you can move it against the wall for an accurate result. 

Please note that some models want you to set up your Murphy bed before attaching the frame to the wall. If you have one of those designs, you’ll want to follow the instructions included with your product.

Some Murphy beds don’t require mounting, but it is still a good idea to affix the frame to something so that you don’t experience accidental damage or injury.

4. Mount your Murphy bed to the floor.

Although some Murphy beds get affixed to the wall, most modern designs attach to the floor. The problem with this method is that it can cause damage.

It’s much easier to patch a hole in drywall than one in carpeting.

You might need to install bolts in your floor for a large Murphy bed. If you encounter this issue, you’ll need to make sure the wiring, pipes, and other resources underneath don’t get damaged by the work. You might need to look at the blueprints of your property to accomplish this step.

If you don’t want to drill into your floor (or can’t because you live in a rental), take a thick board and mount the Murphy bed to it instead. You can secure this framework to your wall after finding the studs to anchor it. 

5. Attach the bed and springs.

Once you’ve attached the frame to the wall and the bottom portion to the floor (if needed), it is time to finish your bed. It should fit into the “cradle” designed by the frame so that the mattress can move up and down freely. Most Murphy beds rotate around roll bars that use gravity to keep them secure.

You’ll see small holes in these Murphy bed components meant for your counter springs. Once mounted, they’ll act as a counterweight when raising or lowering the bed. This final step is usually the most challenging part of the process. You might need a sturdy tool to level them into the proper position.

Safety goggles or glasses are an essential item when working on the counter springs.

Do You Need Help with Your Murphy Bed?

Although Murphy beds try to create a simple installation process, some homes have complicated requirements that you must meet to have a successful result.

If you have trouble finding the studs or need a professional installation to modify the floor, please remember to contact trained contractors who understand this process. 

Some Murphy bed representatives will perform the installation work for you. If that isn’t a possibility and you need help, we’d be honored to get your call. 

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  • I recently purchased a floor mount Murphy bed but have very nice tile and wish to not drill into or damage. You mention using a very thick board instead. Can you provide more info or a possible design? Looking for recommendations.

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