How to Install a Shower Door Correctly

Installing a shower door is a straightforward project. If you have the right tools and supplies at home, someone with DIY experience can typically finish the work over a weekend.

It is even faster and more comfortable if you’re installing a pivot-style shower door because you have fewer points to drill and caulk for the work.

Please remember to measure your bathroom to see how much space you have available to use before starting. Although pivot doors are usually designed to be reversible, it must swing outward without hitting obstructions.

If you have an acrylic or fiberglass enclosure, you may need to fill in the threshold track’s non-hinge side

Steps to Follow When Installing a Shower Door

Step #1: Cut the Threshold Track

Start your project by measuring your door opening. Most walls aren’t square or plumb, which means you need to get the top and the bottom for your installation. Transfer this data to your threshold track, cut it with a hacksaw and miter box, and smooth the cut end.

Step #2: Attach the Bracket

If you install a pivot shower door, the bracket that supports this mechanism must get installed to the bottom ledge. Once attached, apply silicone sealant to the inside edge of the pivot-side bottom, secure it with screws, and ensure no gaps form between the bracket and ledge.

Step #3: Install the Track

Clean your threshold with rubbing alcohol after installing the track. Once it evaporates, apply silicone sealant around the entire bottom edge of it. 

Position the track with the high side toward the outside, applying another bead along the edge to meet the wall. If you have any extra sealant after the application, wipe it away.

Step #4: Position the Wall Channel

You’ll need a carpenter’s level to place against the wall jamb as you center the pivot wall channel along the bottom track. Continue positioning it until it is plumb. Once you achieve this result, use a pencil to mark where the mounting holes will go on your wall. Repeat the process on the other side.

Step #5: Drill Your Wall Anchors

You must pre-drill your holes for the shower door. How you accomplish this step depends on whether the material is tile or fiberglass.

For a tile wall, place masking tape over the pencil mark. This step keeps your drill from wandering. You may need to use a center punch to create a starting place for your work. After drilling the hole with a 1/4-inch bit, tap the wall anchors into place with a rubber mallet.

If you have a fiberglass surface, use a 1/8-inch bit to drill your holes before tapping in your anchors.

Step #6: Secure the Wall Jamb

Place your jamb along the wall surface to match your anchors. If you need a filler strip, position it behind the channel and secure it with screws. Once it is in place, attach your remaining pivot bracket to the top of the jamb. Position it with the bottom, secure to the wall with screws, and place your bushings appropriately.

Once this step is complete, you can fasten the pivot clamps to the door. You’ll want to review the adjustment screw positioning to ensure they are in the correct spot for potential adjustments after installation.

Step #7: Install the Door

Guide your door into place by starting with the top pivot bracket. Once it is secure there, bring it down and over the bushing for the bottom one. When that task is complete, install your magnetic jamb on the opposite channel to create a closing mechanism. You may need to adjust the door with the appropriate screws until it rests flush.

Once everything is where it should be, tight the screws to reach the final step.

Step #8: Finishing Touches

It helps to place a seal strip along the bottom of the door to reduce potential moisture intrusion into the rest of the bathroom. Place your glass clamp into place along the bottom edge of the door, securing it with the appropriate device.

Once the door clamp is secure, place the end caps on the tops of your wall channels. You’re now ready to attach the handles, towel bars, and other features that came with your pivot shower door.

It can be challenging to complete this work at home by yourself. Even with helping hands around, you may not have the tools to finish the job. If you need help with your shower door installation, whether it is a pivot-style or a sliding glass door, our team can help. Let us know what you have going on at home, and we’ll quote you a fair, competitive price to complete the work. 


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