How to Install an Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace

If your Brooklyn home doesn’t have a fireplace, you can correct that situation by purchasing and installing an electric one.

Some units come as a standalone product, allowing you to set the fireplace against any wall. Once you anchor it to prevent movement, the only other step is to plug it in to generate heat. This option works a lot like a space heater.

When you want something that better replicates the entire fireplace experience, you’ll need to run a dedicated power line and have proper wall fitment. If you already have a fireplace, there’s an excellent chance that you can place an electric model in that space.

Steps for Installing an Electric Fireplace

Our team can install an electric fireplace for you that meets all code requirements. You won’t need to worry about load-bearing walls or inappropriate wiring. When you prefer to do the work yourself, these steps are the ones to follow. 

1. Position the fireplace’s installation by using a cardboard cutout of its outline. This initial step ensures that you have the appropriate clearance for the product. If you need to run any wires for a direct power connection, you can identify the places where this work is necessary.

2. Mark the plates for your fireplace wall. Cut two 2×6-inch boards one inch shorter than your wall and flush the ends. The rough opening should be taller and wider than the fireplace to ensure you have enough room to work. 

3. Build out your wall to create enough of a fireplace opening. If you don’t have a load-bearing wall, you can cut into the space to place the unit instead. Continue this step until all the studs in your layout are firmly connected to the frame or installation outline. You’ll want to consider a second top plate for added strength for a wall build-out.

4. Secure your build-out section to the wall. Attach the blocks between the studs while ensuring the connection is flush to the surface. If the existing studs align with the new layout, use them to support your fireplace.

5. The cabling work comes next. You’ll need to run the cable through to where you expect the wiring will be for the fireplace. If you need a direct connection, it helps to have some extra slack available to do the work. 

Most products in this category must have a dedicated circuit available to use. If there isn’t one in place, you’ll need a licensed contractor to create this asset for you.

6. Finish the wall. You created openings in the wall or had to complete a build-out to hold the fireplace. This step is where you’ll install the drywall, tape, and compound to create the finished look. The opening where the unit sits should also receive drywall to maintain the recommended clearance required for combustibles. 

7. It’s usually easier to hard-wire an electric fireplace because you won’t need to wire an outlet for the dedicated circuit. Open the cover, swap the cord with the cable you sent through the wall, and complete the wiring according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you already have a nearby outlet on a circuit, you can route the cord to the receptacle during this ste

8. Once the power setup is finished, you’re ready to fit the fireplace into its opening and fasten it to the wall. Try to use matching screws that come with your installation kit to create a cohesive look. You can secure what is needed at a local store or online if you don’t receive any hardware.

9. After the fireplace is secure, you can add the various embers and logs that fit inside the electrical unit. Some designs include LED strips below the crystals or insulation to have the unit display different colors when operating. Once you’re satisfied with the decorative elements of the fireplace, you can install the front glass panel to finalize the placement. 

10. Once the fireplace is secured and operational in the wall, you can finish the trim work for your build-out or insert project. That includes primer and paint. If it has been more than three years since you updated the color of your walls, you’ll want to consider painting the entire room to prevent color mismatches due to fading.

An electric fireplace is an excellent addition to any Brooklyn home. This investment gives you a place for cozy warmth in the cold months to come while adding value to your property. If you need help with any of these steps, the team at King Installation is ready to offer a helping hand!


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