How to Pick the Perfect Patio Door

patio door

A door is an essential part of your home’s curb appeal. Even if you give one a fresh coat of paint, the effort can immediately create a positive first impression.

Another option is to include a patio door. In the past, it was only the homes of the wealthy or the upper class that could afford this home asset.

With today’s streamlined manufacturing techniques and affordable craftsmanship, you can find everything from bi-fold doors to French doors that work well for your patio. 

If you’re not sure what door style or type to get for your patio, here are some ideas to help you get closer to a choice.

Tips to Follow When Selecting the Perfect Patio Door

1. Decide on the opening method first.

Your space likely supports one optimal opening method for the patio door. You have three operation styles to select: in-swing, out-swing, or sliding.

The in-swing door is the most common, but it requires enough indoor space to accommodate the movement. Your hinges are inside, staying invisible to the outside.

An out-swing door opens to the porch. It might need extra support to prevent damage if the wind tries to blow it open.

When space is tight, a sliding door is an excellent fit. This option works quite well for a sunroom, balcony, or other small patio structures.

2. Think about the wall space you want to use.

When you have a new patio door installed, you have an opportunity to adjust the entrance size to your home. One of the best ways to do this is to extend the installation along the wall’s entire length to build a larger entryway.

Although the cost of this modification could be high, it can also add a lot of natural light to your property. You can feel more connected to nature and get some extra sunshine in your life with this investment.

3. Decide on the room that you want to be connected to the patio.

Does your kitchen get hot when you’re cooking, especially in the summer? Do you want to add more value to a spare room by letting your guests have access to your patio?

You can add a new entrance when selecting patio doors to create more value in the home’s living space. An extra doorway could encourage more ventilation, improve traffic flow, and help with temperature regulation.

It’s also nice to know that you can open the patio door when cooking to prevent the smoke alarm from sounding!

4. Consider your frame material.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to use vinyl for their patio door framing today. This affordable material is a low-maintenance option that naturally protects against weather and precipitation intrusions.

If you want a wooden patio door, you might need to refinish and paint the materials occasionally to keep them looking fresh and new. 

An excellent compromise between those two choices is fiberglass. You can install something that looks like wood, functions like vinyl, and delivers the insulation qualities you want.

If you don’t live in a coastal climate, an aluminum patio floor frame is worth considering because of its overall durability.

5. Think about the warranty.

When you start shopping for a patio door, you’re looking for a product that should last for a long time. That’s why replacing windows and doors usually provides a better financial return for your property value.

If you replace an older patio door with a new one, you might even get lower heating and cooling costs because of the updated weatherproofing.

Most patio door manufacturers offer a warranty covering the craftsmanship and materials of the product you’ve purchased. Your guarantee might offer a limited lifetime option, something more comprehensive, or nothing at all. That’s why you’ll want to ask about the hardware, glass, and screen on the unit to ensure you get the coverage needed.

Could Your Home Benefit From Having a New Patio Door?

A new patio door won’t magically transform your home’s equity, but it can make your house feel more livable. When you select the right product, you’ll add more light, create additional ventilation, and improve the traffic flow.

If you have a patio door professionally installed, don’t forget to ask about the warranties that apply to your investment!

Whether you choose French doors, a sliding door, or a security option with deadbolts or biometrics, your patio will thank you for the upgrade. If you have any questions about your home’s potential, be sure to consult with a local trusted contractor. 

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  • I really enjoyed reading this post. It was very knowledgeable and it provided me with great information. Patio doors enhance the appearance of any home. Doors are a critical part of the home as it gives the first impression of the home. Selecting the right patio door is very important ad they are essential to your quality of life and for the security of your home.

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