How to Understand When a Home Renovation Is Necessary

Floor Renovation

There can be times when a home renovation need is obvious. Your roof might leak, a wiring short could be problematic, or wet sheetrock needs to come out because of a mold risk. These issues are often self-explanatory.

Some home renovation projects are less noticeable. Your foundation might be shifting a little, there could be a moisture leak behind the dishwasher, or a header requires repair. Although the signs and symptoms can be tough to spot when these issues happen, you still have evidence that an update is necessary.

What you won’t hear from many home renovators, general contractors, and handymen services is this fact: most houses are fine just the way they are.

Why Do So Many Home Renovations Happen?

People get into the habit of renovating homes because they see the property as an investment. By putting more cash into the house, additional equity becomes a possibility.

Although that issue can be helpful from a financial standpoint, it changes the concept of what a house should be. It is a place for experiences to unfold, where memories get made, and how we create our definition of family.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to freshen up the look of a room. Outdated carpet could get replaced with hardwood floors, a kitchen might need new appliances, and fresh paint creates added charm. 

If your house doesn’t feel like home, taking some time to update things so that it does make sense.

When everything is working as it should, it might be better to put your money elsewhere.

People Say That My House Needs an Update

Houses from the 1960s or earlier might need an update. When tackling this work, you must take care because you could be managing lead paint or asbestos when starting the demolition work. If you’re unsure if these issues are present in your home, get it tested before you begin any home renovation work.

Those one-time projects to update a room make sense. If your bathroom has a showerhead that hits you in the face, remodeling that space creates more comfort and easier use. When you don’t like the tile and decide to demolish everything to start over, you’re getting into the remodeling territory to make the space acceptable to others instead of meeting your needs.

We’ve moved away from the idea of accepting historic homes as they are. Although charm and character can be codewords for “my appliances are from the 1980s,” there is still something to be said for working with what you’ve got instead of blowing everything up to start over.

If others say that your house needs an update, that’s one opinion. You’re the one who lives there. Do you like your home?

What Are the Reasons to Renovate a Home?

Outdated homes often need a renovation to improve their functionality. You might need another bathroom, more space in the kitchen, or a garage conversion to accommodate your expanding family.

Here are some additional times when a home renovation makes sense.

1. Improve the Home’s Style

An outdated exterior might reduce your property’s curb appeal enough to send potential buyers to a different house. If your siding, paint, stone, or brick looks dirty, old, and dated, repairing and cleaning those concerns can offer significant improvements.

2. Repair Safety Concerns

A leaking roof is a significant problem that must get fixed immediately. You might have cracks forming around your doorways and windows, electrical issues developing, or joists bending under the structure’s weight. These projects should not get put off.

3. Energy Efficiency Improvements

Technology from 50 years ago is far different than what is available today for a home’s energy efficiency rating. Adding new windows, updating your HVAC, and sealing your doors can reduce your utility costs each month. Even simple projects, such as adding weatherstripping to a garage door, can be helpful.

4. Improve Functionality

The layout of some homes can be questionable. If you must walk through someone’s bedroom to get to the bathroom, a renovation could add a hallway so that everyone has more privacy. Your house should work structurally to meet your needs.

The truth about home remodeling and renovation is that most properties are perfectly functional as they are. Unless you have one of the reasons above, consider a slow update as needs arise so that you can save some cash, build some memories, and enjoy the stories that your home tells.


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