Kitchen Ideas and Styles for 2021

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Some kitchen ideas are timeless. It’s the place where functionality meets style in unique ways to encourage your family to catch up on the day’s events.

The kitchen is also the place where roommates share a laugh, couples have a glass of wine, and you find some peace in the middle of 2020’s chaos.

When we look forward to 2021, the kitchen ideas and styles you’ll see look to add more personality to this space while encouraging additional comfort. Here are the trends we expect to see!

Best Kitchen Updates and Upgrades for 2021

1. Quartz Countertops

Although marble will always be a popular luxury choice for kitchen countertops, quartz can replicate the look for a fraction of the cost. It’s also easier to manage and very durable, providing an excellent return for your investment. Taking advantage of this trend will give your space something that feels modern while still being minimalist.

2. Dark Colors

Darker colors are coming back to kitchens in 2021. The goal of this design shift is to play with contrasts more. Instead of going all white or using Earth tones everywhere, consider keeping your cabinets a lighter color while going with a dark counter. Stainless steel elements, including your appliances, will add complementary hues to this space.

3. Clean Lines

The classic budget-friendly update to a kitchen is to change the cabinet hardware and drawer pulls. For the 2021 trends, you’ll be taking them away entirely. If you like the trend toward minimalism, this approach creates clean lines by using touch-release methods to provide the access you need. Hidden pull areas for the doors and drawers offer a firm grip while creating the cohesive look you want.

4. Energy Consciousness

With the latest generation of appliances, faucets, and fixtures hitting the market in 2021, the energy efficiency rating of your kitchen can be the best it has ever been. If you haven’t upgraded your appliances in the past ten years, the utility savings you can experience with modern items can help you make some money back on this investment. You might also consider upgrading your windows to enhance your view while reducing your overall expenses.

5. Woven Fixtures

Kitchens are moving away from a formal atmosphere to something more relaxed. One of the ways this can happen is by updating the light fixtures in your space. If you don’t have recessed lighting already, consider having it installed to provide the illusion of more room. Adding woven fixtures will create a natural vibe and a contemporary look for the places where drop-down lighting exists, such as over your island.

6. Reclaimed Wood

With the changes to more contrast and darker colors in 2021, look for affordable ways to make a design statement. Reclaimed wood will likely be at the top of this trend, providing a rustic touch that can still look contemporary with the right cabinet design and layout. Consider using brick or brick-like tile for your backsplash to complete this look.

7. Personality Updates

Instead of focusing on what designers think should be in your kitchen, use your backsplash to express your personality. Most color designs tend to be somewhat neutral, even when your focus is on creating contrast. Having unique tiles, patterns, colors, or textures will add some instant character to the room. Although some real estate advisors might say this tip could reduce your resale chances, that doesn’t matter if you plan to occupy your home for the next few years.

8. Locally Sourced Items

Instead of ordering items from Amazon or going to a big box store to get your kitchen updates, COVID-19 created the trend of shopping locally. If you need something new for your kitchen, consider visiting a local antique store, a vintage shop, or supporting independent builders and craftspeople. When you incorporate items made from right down the street, it really helps a house feel like a home.

9. Faucet Upgrades

With everyone spending more time at home in 2020, kitchen functionality is a priority. A small change, such as a faucet upgrade, can help you achieve this goal for 2021. Consider adding metallics or art-inspired products to your color and design scheme to create a stunning look that is easy to use without interrupting the flow of your space.  

If you need help managing your kitchen update or remodeling project to take advantage of 2021’s trends, give our team a call today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, work with your schedule, and offer a competitive quote!


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