7 Fast and Simple Kitchen Ideas to Make the Space Look Expensive

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Times have been tough recently. You might also want to get some extra value out of your kitchen because it is time to move.

The apartment where you live might have a lot of great kitchen space to use, but everything there feels old and tired.

When you know these fast and simple ideas to make your kitchen look more expensive, you’ll get the opportunity to create a space you’ll love.

What Are the Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Look More Expensive?

1. Update the hardware.

The fastest way to make a visual update to your kitchen is to swap out the hardware. Changing to pulls, knobs, and handles that look elegant and classy will make the kitchen look closer to a custom-built space for a fraction of the cost. Most homes can accomplish this remodeling project for under $500.

2. Use a lighter color.

After spending the 1960s with bright colors in the kitchen and the later decades using darker yellows and muted earth tones, it is time to lighten things up a little. If you paint your walls in white, gray, or light beige, you’ll reduce the claustrophobia feels that can develop. These tones reflect the sunlight and help hide the minor dents and scratches that can make this space feel worn out.

If you want to add more light without changing the color, consider hanging some mirrors across from your windows to distribute the natural rays.

3. Change the cabinet doors.

You can update the cabinet doors in your kitchen by installing new ones or by sanding and refinishing the existing ones. You’ll get a sleek contemporary look that can accommodate high gloss finishes or glass for something that looks custom.

Another option is to leave the doors off entirely to create the illusion of open shelving. This choice is a great way to show off some of the lovely pieces you’ve collected over the years.

4. Switch up the lighting.

Pendants and chandeliers give a kitchen some character, but these installations aren’t the only ways to create new lighting opportunities. When you install recessed lights, add some task lighting to dark spaces, and mix up the different covers and fixtures to add some personality and charm, the results will speak for themselves.

5. Use artwork to add some color.

When your kitchen only needs a few enhancements to look more expensive, a fantastic way to elevate that space is to add some artwork. Here is the chance for you to go as big and bold as you want to create the illusion of having more room.

If you’re renting a home, this option might be the best way to add some dynamic elements to your kitchen.

The problem with artwork in the kitchen is that spatial restrictions could limit your additions. It might be easier to add some window treatments or replace old decorative elements to create something fresher in that situation.

6. Apply stainless steel paint.

One of the best kitchen arrangements today involves stainless steel appliances with granite countertops.

If you have something plain and white without much money available to use, the next best option is a paint-on stainless steel finish.

You’ll need to select the finish based on what appliance you want to modify. There are different types from various companies to ensure the results speak for themselves.

7. Reduce the clutter.

Kitchens look expensive when they appear to be organized. When you’ve got a half-dozen small appliances sitting out to use, you’ll trade convenience for style. It helps to keep everything clear whenever possible, which means putting away your blender, toaster, coffee pot, and more when they aren’t in use.

The clutter can reach your cabinets when you have pots and pans that spill out of them. You might consider adding a rack or some other storage mechanism that allows you to display the best pieces while dealing with the rest of the mess.

Are You Ready to Update Your Kitchen?

When you invest money into a kitchen, the value that comes back often adds extensive equity to the home. Even if you only upgrade the hardware and add stainless steel paint, the results often speak for themselves.

If you have a little extra to spare after making these changes, consider styling a small breakfast nook to enjoy. By adding a little comfort and style to this spot, you’ll create a warm and inviting area that everyone will enjoy.


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