Maximizing Space in Small Apartments

A small apartment poses a lot of challenges. Especially, when it comes to the space or how to get the maximum without taking into account the comfort or style. Living in the city with limited square footage, or just trying to declutter and use some innovation to really make the most of your space. Can be the difference between efficient living or feeling claustrophobic! By getting a little creative and strategic, you can turn your small apartment into a cozy refuge.

Opt For Dual Purpose Furniture

You may want to start with multi-functional furniture in your flat. They are multipurpose furniture that saves space and can be used for multiple things. Especially, well-suited for cramped living concerns. For example, a sofa bed functions as a lounging spot during the day and switches swiftly into a sleeping area for guests at night. What’s more an ottoman with additional storage provides you a setting to sit as well as hide away mess. Also, use fold-out tables and desks for these purposes, they fold away to allow you more room to walk.

You should probably choose such furniture that is multi-functional and will go with your decor while also easing up the space. Picture this: A coffee table with a lift top that conceals storage space, or a bookshelf that serves as a room divider. With these in mind, these creative pieces can be nicely integrated into your interiors and offer contemporary solutions to your space challenges.

We create and install custom furniture that allows your apartment to realize its full potential at King Installation. Our comprehensive range assures that we can assist in turning individual shelves into bespoke shelving units or creating a truly multi-functional piece of furniture that answers your needs and reflects your style. 

Utilize Vertical Space

After you have the horizontal area decorated and furnished, work on using the vertical area to maximize your small apartment. Thinking vertically can also create more storage and even make a space feel larger without taking up more precious floor space. When you get shelving units that are high on the walls. Perfect for storing books, decorative items, and even kitchen supplies, these shelves can hold your items, yet keep them out of the way.

Use hanging organizers in addition to shelves. Using some hooks, racks, and wall-mounted baskets can easily keep things off the floor but still at hand. Wall baskets can be used in the kitchen to hang pots and pans, freeing up cabinet space, or in the bathroom to hold toiletries and towels.

Vertical storage and tall furniture is also very important to maximize the use of vertical space. You can use tall cabinets and wardrobes instead, which could give you enough storage space with a small floor area as possible. This leads the eye upwards and adds height to your apartment.

For those who may need a little assistance, King Installation has professional services designed to maximize your vertical space. We want to help you make the most of every square inch in your tiny flat.

Consider lighter colors and reflective surfaces 

One of the most important points is the ability to make bright colors along with selecting high shine surfaces. Firstly, paint your walls light colors especially whites, creams and pale shades. These colors reflect more light and therefore help rooms appear more spacious and inviting. 

As well as light wall finishes, consider adding in a few mirrors or metallic surfaces in your home. Classic mirrors are a timeless fix. If you place mirrors in just the right way, you’re able to reflect light throughout the room to make it seem as if the room is bigger than it actually is. For example, larger mirrors can help reflect natural light from a window and also make the eye travel further, which can help a space appear more spacious. 

Another good option is glass furniture. Things like glass top coffee tables or glass top dining tables not only take less visual space but also provide a functional surface. Transparent glass fragments let in the light, adding to the feel of space. Lacquered cabinets or countertops, for example, gloss reflections of light that make your kitchen or bathrooms bigger. However, the application of reflective surfaces and light colors does not have to be boring. But it is possible to integrate these elements nicely with your decor. 

Maybe you have light walls with bright, colorful accents, or glass furniture paired with cozy, textured fabrics, these touches can create a fine balance between the airy atmosphere and ensure the room still exudes warmth and a sense of who’s doing the living. When you are ready to turn your tiny apartment into a brighter, more open oasis, check our painting services and reach out to us.


When you live in a small apartment, you will need to think outside of the box on how to maximize the space. Maximize what vertical space you have, and if you have the budget, invest in multi-functional furniture that allows you to have a step-saving living area while keeping a contemporary, stylishly furnished home.

Do not take them on alone. King Installation can provide turnkey services to assist you in maximizing your space. We can offer anything from custom carpentry, custom storage solutions, expert painting plus more. So to book one of our installations contact us! Turn your tiny space into a sprawling, palatial smart home.


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