Modern Traditional Décor Ideas for Your NYC Apartment

traditional decor

Traditional décor is a broad category. In theory, you could put whatever you want into your NYC apartment within this context to create the look you want.

The range of decorating styles found within the traditional medium of modern décor runs from neoclassical to French Country.

You could add textured rugs, antique accents, new wallpaper, or statement lighting without being wrong in your approach. 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to bring more traditional décor into your NYC apartment, here are some affordable options to consider.

Best Ways to Decorate Using Modern Traditional Methods

Since you can use virtually any style preference with the modern traditional mindset, the goal for your NYC apartment should be to make the space feel useful, practical and unified.

1. Use artwork to tie your items together into a cohesive look.

You might have multiple colors and tones associated with your apartment. Although these hues might look strange independently, it feels like an intentional effort when you include artwork covering every used shade. If you grab some matching sets for your table lamps, end tables, and accent chairs, this space will feel comfortable and inviting.

2. Keep the clutter away.

The best modern traditional designs eliminate as much clutter as possible. You want to go from the floor to the ceiling with clean lines, matching decorative pieces, and draperies that go as high as possible. If you cannot reach the top, try adding some crown molding to lower the ceiling’s visual perception to match. Lighter colors work better in this scheme, especially if you have lots of natural light to enjoy.

3. Bring the beach home to your NYC apartment.

You don’t need to be at the coast to enjoy this modern traditional décor idea. Living in NYC puts you close to the water already, and that’s good enough! You’ll find more landscapes included with this approach while keeping textural elements as the priority. You might use wicker furniture, canvas upholstery, or bamboo tabletops and rugs to create the relaxed vibe you want at home.

4. Add mirrors to the strategic points of your home.

When you incorporate mirrors into your NYC apartment, it will create the visual illusion of more space. Since the average home size is under 700 square feet in the city, you need to maximize this concept whenever possible. Adding reflective surfaces to your sightlines, along with the places that natural light comes into the home, can help you achieve this goal.

5. Use contrast to your advantage.

The reason why the default setting for Microsoft Word is a white background with black text involves how the human eye sees contrast. That combination is the easiest one to use for people to read. It’s the same reason why most novels use white paper and black ink. You can use this principle in your modern traditional décor by highlighting your favorite contrast patterns. It could be gold with royal blue, turquoise and cream, or coral and lilac.

Elle Décor offers 20 unique color combinations that produce some eye-catching results.

6. Use natural colors to create coziness.

When you live in a relatively small space, an apartment already feels cozy. If you use natural colors and accents for your décor, it will become more inviting. You’d want to think about incorporating leather furniture, Turkish or Persian rugs, and furniture made from real wood (not engineered products) to create a warm atmosphere. You’d also want to consider having one statement piece with this idea, such as a grand piano or a family heirloom.

7. Don’t be afraid of yellow.

One of the best colors you can add to modern traditional décor is yellow. It automatically brightens each room while encouraging a smile. If you have space for a dining table, consider having yellow chairs that work with a farmhouse-style table and a modern chandelier to highlight this interior design approach’s best attributes. If you have windows or French doors in that area, some draperies that match the chair would be lovely.

8. Decorate from different eras.

Instead of focusing on the different decorating styles, why not try using past eras as your inspiration? When you mix-and-match items from across the decades, you’ll find that everything can look cohesive while promoting a unique look for your apartment.

The best part about choosing modern traditional décor for your NYC apartment is that you can take a customized approach. You can shop at thrift stores, have items custom-built, or incorporate family heirlooms to achieve the results you want. 


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