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With the world looking for ways to get back to work, your business has an office to consider renovating. The different COVID protocols create enough challenges on their own, but there are also numerous fixtures, floors, and walls that need some help. 

The first step of an office renovation is to determine the environment you want to create. Should the working areas feel casual and informal? Do you want an open concept, or would the space work better if you invested in movable wall dividers?

Our team can help to create an office design that’s ready for the modern age. Contact us today at (347) 393-5965 to discuss your needs!

How to Complete an Office Renovation

If you prefer the DIY approach to office renovation, you’ll want to focus on these tips to have a successful experience. 

1. Use the strengths of your building.

What structural elements create an interesting and exciting place to work? What features were the highlights of the working space when it was new?

Some offices look great when you can increase the floor-to-ceiling height. Others might need to have some walls removed or windows extended to improve the natural light levels that come into each working area.

2. Ask the hard questions.

What is the objective of your office renovation? Does the investment make sense when estimating what your ROI will be from increased productivity?

Many businesses discover that they don’t need to complete a significant renovation to improve the usability of their office spaces. Updating critical features, improving the lighting, and creating more accessibility can solve most issues with minimal downtime or employee interference.

3. Think about the renovation as an incentive.

People aren’t returning to work in traditional offices after the pandemic because they’ve discovered the benefits of having a home-based working space. If you need to have people coming to maintain productivity, you’ll need to look at the incentives offered.

Could you create a space where dogs could come to the office? Is daycare a benefit that would help employees?

Once you’ve decided on the benefits to offer, the renovation efforts can begin. When you work with a general contractor, getting the permits and looking for regional or local economic incentives for this investment is often much more manageable.

4. Is there room for expansion?

If your company experiences a period of extended growth, would your current office space keep up with the extra staff you’ll need? Although seating, offices, and other amenities don’t need to be purchased now, your physical layout should have enough flexibility to meet realistic growth projections within five to eight years.

By taking a proactive approach today, you’ll be ready for tomorrow. If something changes and that space isn’t required, you can always adapt to something new in the future.

5. Take advantage of cost-effective materials.

You could spend a fortune on elegance to give each employee the best working space ever designs. Your business might decide that a cost-effective approach is better, purchasing the bare minimum for everything you need to stay productive.

Both investment approaches aren’t realistic. You’ll either spend too much money on unnecessary luxuries or not enough to create high-quality work.

An NYC general contractor can help you find ways to splurge or save where it makes sense in your office space. 

6. Select projects that emphasize environmental friendliness.

People are more likely to return to the office when their working space helps the environment and supports their community. Even simple upgrades, such as a move toward LED lighting, can save energy and meet these requirements.

Some upgrades in this area might come with tax incentives to offset the additional costs associated with their inclusion.

Another option could be to have designated recycling areas. You can implement one day per month where volunteerism is encouraged while workers stay on the clock if you don’t have much money for a renovation.

If you’re willing to be open-minded in this area, the ideas are almost limitless. 

Are You in the Middle of an Office Renovation?

An office renovation always has surprises. If you’re ready for the moment your surprise arrives, it’ll be much easier to complete the project.

Some projects might require a general contractor because of the work involved or the insurer’s requirements. Others only need your time and a little elbow grease, but they all can improve how your office functions. 

King Installation provides NYC with high-quality commercial renovation and remodeling for office spaces like yours. If you need any help with your project, be sure to reach out!


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