Painting Wall Colors to Use in 2021


One of the most affordable ways to give a room a facelift is to give it a new coat of paint. Even the best products you can use today that resist scuffs and marks typically wear out in five years or less. If you can’t remember the last time you refreshed the color, then now is the perfect time to consider a new look.

Two schools of thought exist for selecting the best wall colors to use in 2021. If you are thinking about selling your home soon, a neutral palette that trends to the warmer side delivers fantastic results.

When you plan to stay in your home for a few years, look for colors with yellow or gray undertones to encourage brightness without being overwhelming. You’ll discover blues and greens are quite popular for this option.

Best Paint Colors to Use at Home in 2021

Many brands produce signature colors that serve as the foundation for the year’s paint releases. Here are the options to consider using for your home if you’re ready to update the look of your living spaces.

1. Urbane Bronze from Sherwin-Williams

Although an entire room filled with this color would cause it to become almost excessively dark, it works well as an accent hue. You can also mix in a few white accents to give that space some contrast. If you are thinking about a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you could choose this option to breathe new life into cabinets or vanity.

2. Transcend from PPG

Beige paint colors might not be the first choice you’d consider for a home update, but this neutral backdrop delivers a warmer tone that comes closer to tan. That gives it a warm glow that gives you unlimited decorating opportunities to create accent areas that pop. Try adding some pastels for contrast with this option, along with houseplants, fresh flowers, and anything else that adds comfort to space.

3. Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore

With gray tones dominating the paint trends in 2021, this color provides rich colors that bring a coastal environment to your living spaces. It works well with darker or lighter accent hues, offering more versatility for each living environment. If you have a mudroom that needs an update, a foyer, or an entryway that you want to have pop, the almost turquoise tones will provide that outcome without hesitation.

4. Fuschia from Behr Marquee

If you need to update an accent wall at home, you’ll want to consider using this paint color in your home. Not only does it have the resiliency to be the primary hue for a playroom, but you can also liven up a dull area with this warm hue. The redness it delivers doesn’t overwhelm the senses, while there’s still enough there to create energy and excitement.

5. Golden Hour from Clare

When you want something vibrant and light for your home, consider adding this paint color to your formal dining room. It also works well for spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light. Once you start coating your walls with this happy hue, you’ll feel the genuine joy that comes with a touch of brightness. It’s powerful enough that you’d want to limit this option to a single room or as an accent wall.

6. Drop Cloth from Farrow & Ball

This paint color is the epitome of the renovation trends that homeowners are embracing in 2021. It’s a lovely combination of beige and gray, working well in almost any modern home. It stands out for tall ceilings or a modest eight-footer, and you’ll see the white trim pop like never before once you’ve added this option to your decorating scheme.

7. Woodlawn Blue from Benjamin Moore

When you want to use a lighter shade that immediately grabs your attention, you’ll want to add this paint to your home. It delivers a calming function without feeling boring or overwhelming. It’s almost close to a mint tone with its combination, offering energy for those moments when you gaze out your front window with some hot coffee.

8. Marshmallow from Sherwin-Williams

This color is unique for those who love neutral tones. If you were to combine peach, ivory, and eggshell white into one paint product, you’d get this outcome. The result is a room that feels warm, inviting, and fresh.

When it is time to update your home, consider grabbing one of these paint colors to create spaces that feel fresh and new. Which one do you think you’d try first?


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