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At King Installation, our team is committed to delivering superior plastering services for residential and commercial properties. Our contracting services cover all your repair and home improvement needs. You can trust our licensed and insured company to guarantee the craftsmanship of our work.

Although plasterwork is less common in new construction projects in Brooklyn, it’s still one of the earliest handicrafts we employ when creating homes. Our skilled services ensure that your home or business delivers a positive first impression while ensuring your structures receive the care and support needed for an excellent result.

When Do I Need Plaster Repairs in Brooklyn?

Even though plaster is a long-lasting material, it needs occasional help to continue looking its best. At King Installation, we specialize in working with this material to help your home or commercial building deliver an appropriate environment.

It isn’t always easy to see signs of distress when you have plaster. Large cracks are a recognizable sign, but some of the others are sometimes missed. 

1. The Plaster Is Soft

You’ll see this issue in some of Brooklyn’s older homes. You find more lath wall construction techniques used instead of the more common framing and studs in today’s projects.

Lath wall construction uses horizontal wood strips filled with sand and lime for support. If the building’s foundation shifts, so do the materials. That activity creates soft spots where the walls become weak unless repaired immediately.

2. The Plaster Has Bubbles

Most plaster bubbles occur because a home or commercial building experiences water damage. However, this issue can also happen when the material receives frequent and ongoing exposure to high humidity, as you might find in a bathroom. 

Dampness in the walls causes the bubbling action, eventually crumbling because the material stays wet. 

You’ll often see other signs and symptoms of water damage when this issue develops, including mildew, mold growth, and rot.

3. The Plaster Has Cracked

Most homeowners assume that cracking in plaster occurs when the home’s foundation settles a bit, categorizing the event as not a big deal.

Plaster cracking can be a sign of a significant problem. First, look at your corners, windows, doors, and ceilings to see if minor cracks start forming at these locations. If they are, you might need professional assistance to prevent additional and costly problems from developing. 

4. The Plaster Malformed

Plasterwork provides strength to walls. Some of it falls off the installation when enough moisture or damage occurs. The outer shell can bulge into the room if it has flexibility and strength. It’s not unusual to see this extension reach two or more inches without cracking or falling.

If you see bulges forming in the ceiling or walls that can be pushed back into place, it’s possible to reattach that section. 

Is Joint Compound Considered Plaster?

Whether you’re patching holes or taping seams in drywall, you have a choice. Should you use a joint compound to complete the work, or would plaster be a better product?

It’s common to use joint compound today because it has a longer working time than plaster. That makes it easier to tape the walls and prepare the product for spreading. You can apply a thin layer, compound it when finished, and receive a flat surface.

The joint compound works well when gaps are 1/8-inch thick or less.

Plaster works better in every other scenario. Although it requires more compounding and creates more labor, the results typically have more strength. 

If you have visible defects in the drywall that require repair, plaster is usually the better product to correct the situation. That’s because it is thicker and less prone to cracking.

What to Remember with Plastering Services in Brooklyn

Unless your home or commercial building is more than a century old, the signs and symptoms of damage are often the results of a more significant issue. For example, you might have settling issues, undiscovered leaks, or other problems that demand your attention. 

It’s crucial to address these issues immediately to ensure your structure remains safe and supportive. At King Installation, our plasterwork experience speaks for itself. You can trust our team to locate problems, initiate the correct repair, and make the space look new again.

When you need plastering done on new construction projects, our team is there to deliver excellent results at an affordable price.

Brooklyn’s plastering services turn houses into homes and commercial buildings into community assets. Let’s talk today if you need help in this area. 


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