Furniture Installation in NYC

After finding the perfect item to add to your home, it isn’t always easy to navigate the network of hallways, stairs, and elevators to reach its final destination.

Some furniture items require specific installation instructions, such as connecting to the floor or a wall joist for stability.

Others need to be assembled in specific ways or disassembled and reassembled to fit through the various doorways of your building or home.

When you work with our team, we can ensure your furniture is installed safely and quickly with our NYC services. You’ll receive the experience you need at a fair, competitive price. We can handle your project, from wall mounts for your television to that bookshelf you haven’t put together yet.

What Are the Benefits of Furniture Installation Services? 

The issue with furniture installation is the time it takes to complete the job. For example, if you purchase a bookcase that requires assembly at home and anchoring to the wall, you could need two or three hours to complete the work.

When you hire our professional furniture installation services team in NYC, that time is freed up to do something else.

That’s one benefit that our experience brings to the equation. Here are some other reasons why it makes sense to invest in our services. 

1. Damage Reduction Risks

Many furniture companies ship items directly to the home today. The product comes partially or entirely disassembled, requiring you to put the piece together. Even when the business ships tools with the product, the quality of those items can be questionable. All it takes is one slip of a wrench to cause scratches, dents, or other damage.

When you choose our furniture installation services in NYC, you’ll be investing in a lower damage risk to your item. Our team is familiar with today’s manufacturer’s requirements and instructions, ensuring you have the job done right the first time around.

2. No Heavy Lifting

Furniture can get to be remarkably heavy. Even small items can weigh more than you might be able to transport safely. Our professional furniture installation services ensure that our team handles loading, unloading, and installation work.

When installing furniture, it is sometimes necessary to hold the product still against a wall or the floor. Suppose you try to do that work alone, the risk of injury increases. With us, you’ll get that helping hand you need.

3. Correct Assembly

Have you ever encountered new furniture to install that had minimal or no instructions? Instead of figuring out the puzzle yourself, our professional installers can help you put the piece together based on its layout and available directions. Then, once finished, we can install the item in your preferred location.

4. Receipt and Delivery

If you cannot receive your furniture at your address, our installation services team can work with you for delivery coordination. That includes checking the merchandise to ensure it is in an appropriate condition after shipping. You won’t need to worry about all the extra logistics that sometimes come with an investment in this area.

5. We Do the Clean Up

When furniture gets shipped today, it comes with extensive packing materials to help keep it safe. That includes plastic wrapping, foam barriers, blankets, tape, boards, and other items. Instead of being responsible for disposing of these things on your own, our professional furniture installation services team takes care of them.

We’ll clean up after the installation work is complete, dispose of the packaging, and remove any lingering debris. If you have old furniture getting replaced, our team can help you there. If something isn’t working correctly, we have the experience to find a solution.

When Does It Make Sense to Hire Professionals?

Hiring our professional furniture installation services team helps you ensure that your investment follows the layout and plan that maximizes your square footage. 

This benefit goes beyond residential work – we can follow an office layout for cubicles, desks, etc.

In return for your investment, you’ll have confidence knowing that the job was done correctly. We check the inventory for the project to ensure all items are accounted for and in good condition. We’re familiar with corresponding guarantees and warranties, bring our tools to the job, and have the expertise to tackle specialty items.

You don’t need to waste time assembling and installing your furniture! Instead, reach out to our team today to discover how affordable it can be to have a professional helping hand.