TV Installation

When space is at a premium, it doesn’t make sense for your television to be part of a setup that requires extensive furniture and room to use. Mounting the TV frees up your usable area while providing the entertainment you want. 

Although you could hire gig professionals or freelancers to do this job, you’re always stuck wondering if the ratings are authentic. When you work with our team for your TV installation needs in NYC and the surrounding areas, you can trust that the outcome will meet your expectations.

King Installation offers mounting and hanging services for televisions. If you have cable box shelving, soundbars, or an entire home theater to manage, we can help you create a space where you can relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.

King Installation Mounts Any Compatible TV Type for You

Although it wouldn’t be feasible to mount one of those cabinet televisions from the 1960s on a wall, our team can help install any modern TV for your home or business. We help with plasma, LC< LED, curved screens, 4K Smart televisions, UHD, OLED, and more. 

Here is what you can expect when hiring King Installation for your TV installation services in New York City.

  • Unpacking Services. If you recently purchased a new television, we will unpack the product safely and carefully to prepare it for installation.
  • Detailed Inspections. We review where you want to have the TV installed to ensure the space can support its weight and that of the mounting bracket.
  • Molding Coverage. If your setup isn’t wireless, we can include wire molding to ensure you receive a clean look for your new layout or concealed in the wall.

Once we’re finished with the installation, our team cleans up after to ensure you’re free to enjoy the new television. Our work is always guaranteed, so if something unexpected happens with the mount, we’ll find a way to make it right.

Your TV installation in NYC will be secure. 

What Are the Benefits of Mounting Your TV in NYC?

For many NYC homes, the primary reason why TVs get mounted involves spatial considerations. You gain a significant amount of floor area that would be taken by a media cabinet or a TV stand.

That gives a home less clutter, leading to a cleaner entertainment area that feels fun to use. This service is especially helpful for those living in condos, studio apartments, or small homes. 

A few additional benefits are possible when investing in our TV installation services in New York City. Here’s a closer look.

1. Additional Home Safety

Today’s flatscreen televisions are more susceptible to tipping than the behemoths from the past. If you have an unsecured installation, the TV could fall on a child or a pet. It’s not unusual for today’s kids to think the TV is a touchscreen, so mounting it on the wall delivers the peace of mind needed knowing that injury risks are much lower.

2. New and Improved Viewing Angles

Most TV stands allow you to have one viewing angle to enjoy at home. When you have our team install a full-motion mount for your television, there is more flexibility and freedom to watch something from any position in the room.

The tilting, swiveling, and added extension capabilities of a full-motion mount bracket help to improve your line of sight while combatting glare. You can even watch something from another room in some homes. 

3. You Can Take It with You

If you decide to move, you can still take the TV mount with you. There would be wall damage to repair in that scenario, but the bracket isn’t a permanent addition to the home. Repairing drywall is another task that our team can help with if you’re thinking about a change of address in the coming weeks. 

4. Installation Affordability

Most TV mounts are less expensive than entertainment centers and other supportive furniture. Some televisions even come with this resource in the box! When you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to support your viewing habits, you’ll find that the money can go toward other items for the home.

TV mounting services provide a safe and secure outcome for most makes and models of modern televisions. If you’re ready to reclaim your space and pursue the advantages that come with this installation method, give our team a call! King Installation proudly provides competitive pricing and professional services to NYC and beyond.