Questions to Ask Before Starting a Kitchen Remodel or Renovation

kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one of the essential spaces in a home. It’s where you create meals, share a laugh with family and friends, or get ready to face your day.

Since it is such a central room for everyone in a home, a kitchen should be practical, functional, and inviting. If yours doesn’t feel that way, it makes sense to consider a remodeling or renovation project to give it the updates it requires.

Before you begin this project, there are a few questions to ask to know what to expect and how to proceed with this investment.

What Are the Questions to Ask Before a Kitchen Remodel?

The average cost of a midrange to full kitchen remodel is about $50,000 for the average home. Your most significant expenses include hardware and cabinetry, appliances, ventilation, and installation. Since there could be a lot of money on the line, here are the areas to review.

1. Am I planning to move soon?

A kitchen renovation project should be paired with your lifestyle needs unless you plan to move from the home in the next year or two. Think about what you want in that space, what helps your routine become more efficient, and add the items that make sense.

2. How much can I afford?

With high-interest rates in 2022, it might not make sense to finance a kitchen remodel unless you’ve locked in a home equity loan or a HELOC before inflation. Are there items outside the must-haves list that could be delayed or modified to keep prices within an affordable budget?

For some households, it might make sense to fund one portion of the kitchen remodel now, then finish the work next year when more money is available. 

3. How will I be using the kitchen?

Do you have people over for parties and elaborate meals each weekend? Are you more of a homebody that only cooks for your family every other night? Then, it makes sense to design your new kitchen to reflect your habits and needs.

Larger families have different requirements than someone living alone. Bakers might have additional necessities than someone who prefers food from a flattop. Think about these considerations, then look for options that make sense to upgrade the experience.

4. Can I use my current cabinets?

Kitchens with dead space create places where dust, grease, and grime collect. It also makes the room feel outdated. Whether you build down from the ceiling or use false cabinetry to complete the look, the goal should be to go all the way up today.

You might consider installing existing cabinets to the ceiling for the modern kitchen. Although a stepstool might be needed to reach the top shelves, those spaces are great for seasonal items that only come out a couple of times per year.

5. What appliances do I need?

Large families should consider splurging on a high-quality dishwasher and storage for dishes and flatware. If you live with a partner or alone, upgrading your oven, stovetop, or refrigerator might make more sense. First, think about how often each appliance gets used at home, then choose options that can compensate for the extra wear and tear.

6. Is the kitchen usable?

Where do you currently store everything in your kitchen? The cabinets, shelves, and storage spaces should make sense for your appliance placement. If you’re constantly walking across the room because the pantry is on one side and your prep station is on the other, it makes sense for the remodeling project to correct this situation.

The best kitchens provide plenty of space to access everything while keeping your regular items within comfortable reach. That includes a place to throw things away without the container getting in your way.

7. Do I need new countertops?

Quartz is a popular countertop option for kitchen renovations and remodeling projects because it gives you the look of high-end materials while keeping maintenance needs low. Limestone is beautiful, but it can be prone to water rings. Marble is another popular choice, but it can stain or etch.

Although the look is a bit dated, ceramic tile is a helpful addition to counters in busy homes. For example, you can place hot pans on the surface without worrying about burning, etching, or damage.

New kitchen designs deliver multiple benefits from the layout to the lighting while keeping costs manageable. Contact our King Installation team today if you’re thinking about starting a project soon! We can answer these questions and more with you to ensure you’re creating the kitchen of your dreams.


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