Door Installation

The replacement of an exterior door is a fast and affordable way to update your home’s curb appeal. Interior door replacement can refresh the look of a room while repairing damaged components.

Professional door installation services in Brooklyn ensure that your new, repaired, or replacement entry is up to code. Our team removes the old door, positions the new one, and updates your hardware to your preferences.

DIY door replacement is a job that many homeowners can do. If you want a little help with this chore, contact King Installation today to create the perfect entryway.

Entry Door Replacement Services

Your front door serves two purposes. It invites people to come in for a visit while serving as a barrier to prevent unwanted entry.

A high-quality door attracts the attention of potential buyers, increases the value of a property, and provides updated security features to deter burglars.

Your front door is the first glimpse that others have of your style and personality. At King Installation, we can help you mix or match the entryway with your home décor to serve whatever function you prefer.

Your door can be a bold contrast point, complementary to the rest of the house, or a unique element that adds character and charm to your Brooklyn property.

Professional Interior Door Installation Services in Brooklyn

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Any room that offers privacy in a home typically uses an interior door to create a separation point. That design element includes bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.

King Installation provides door installation services and support for all standard designs.

  • Accordion Doors. The design of this door folds in sections while using a track with wheels. It is typically a closet or utility room door, although some homes have them as room dividers.
  • Barn Doors. Some designs glide along an upper rail, while others use a bottom track to avoid swinging outward. Pre-finished, rustic, polished, or unfinished items are all possible for your professional installation.
  • Bifold Doors. The design of these doors prevents them from swinging. They fold outward as they move to the side, allowing for higher levels of air circulation.
  • Bypass Doors. Choose this option to have two doors that slide parallel to each other on tracks. This design is typically for closets or bathrooms.
  • French Doors. Most installations involve a side-by-side pair of doors with extensive glass to allow more natural light into a room. It brings another touch of elegance to your home.
  • Pocket Doors. This sliding door tucks into the wall, hiding it from view when open. It works well when a room cannot accommodate the swinging arc of a traditional design.
  • Pre-Hung Doors. This option works well when you already have a prepared doorway that is ready for a privacy barrier.
  • Saloon Doors. This choice creates a barrier that doesn’t close off a room. It’s a partial door that hinges in the middle of the entryway to create a swinging effect in both directions. Full-length designs are available if you don’t like the traditional look.
  • Shower Doors. Most shower doors are made from glass today. Choose the design you prefer, and our team will install it to the current coding requirements.
  • Slab Doors. Choose this design if you want a door without hinges, handles, or any other modification. Our team can help you to match your décor with this choice.

What Finish Do You Prefer with Your Door Installation?

When selecting a door to install at home, you can choose from one of four finishes.

Primed doors are the standard choice today. These doors have a coating that seals the wood to ensure your preferred paint or stain adheres.

Stained doors use the natural grain pattern of the wood to create even color tones with definition.

Pre-finished doors are ready for installation immediately. This option uses precut knob holes, hinge placement, and stain or paint. Our team can place these doors in your preferred location at an affordable price.

Materials such as wood, molded composite, PVC, hardboard, and fiberboard are all long-lasting solutions for your Brooklyn home.

Do You Need Professional Door Installation Services?

Professional door installation services are a fast and effective way to update your property’s look and security.

Whether you have one door to install or an entire building to manage, our team provides high-quality outcomes with affordable pricing.

You could DIY this project or delegate it to an experienced team right here at home. Let us know how we can help with your door installation needs today!