Drop Ceiling

Professional Ceiling Installation Services in Brooklyn

Your home or office is incomplete without a professionally installed ceiling. Without finishing off your structure, all of the heat that you generate would rise through the roof. It would cause your utility bills to be massive because no insulation could keep the altered air inside.

Most of your HVAC structure fits above your ceiling. Without a place to route these items, they would either be exposed or unable to function as you’d want.

If you don’t want the maintenance hassle of a vaulted ceiling, a drop design is your best solution. King Installation can install this design, repair your existing structure, or help you develop a resolution that works for your basement, kitchen, bathroom, home, or office.

Benefits of Installing a Drop Ceiling

The primary advantage you receive when selecting a drop ceiling design involves accessibility. When you need to repair your infrastructure, all you need to do is pop out a panel. All of your wiring, water lines, mechanical components, and drain lines are easily accessible.

Another advantage to consider is the ease of repair. If a water leak occurs, you can replace the damaged tile without worrying about the rest of the ceiling. Sheetrock would require cutting, patching, sanding, texturing, priming, and painting.

Drop ceilings provide you with acoustical advantages. Some tiles are rated to manage up to 50% of the sound that they encounter. When you place a layer of insulation with your installation, most of the noise you’d hear above or below disappears. If you want a music room, home theater, or a family entertainment area, this design choice is the best one.

A drop ceiling works with or allows for the installation of a mandated sprinkler system in your building. The water lines run above the tiles to create a seamless look.

Additional advantages include recessed lighting compatibility, mold and mildew resistance, and environmental benefits. Most ceiling tiles are made from starch, cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, or gypsum. Wood, glass, and metal options are also gaining in popularity.

What Is the Cost of a Drop Ceiling Installation?

There is no general predictability in the cost of a drop ceiling installation project. Several factors influence the estimate, ranging from the modification needs of an existing structure to the selection of the preferred ceiling tiles.

Professional ceiling installation services in Brooklyn typically range between about $2 per square foot to over $8 per square foot. Some homes and offices may see lower or higher estimates based on the need to alter a minimum drop, add HVAC components, or create complicated grid designs.

What Are the Advantages of Finishing a Basement in Brooklyn?

If your Brooklyn home has an unfinished basement, the installation of a drop ceiling could significantly improve your property value. It becomes usable living space to your house, townhome, or condo.

How could you use this newly finished space after the installation of a drop ceiling and other necessary components? 

  • Extra bedrooms. Some homeowners have added 2-3 bedrooms to their property because of the size of their basement and available means of egress.
  • Additional bathrooms. Although you may need to add plumbing work to your remodeling budget, another bathroom in your home adds more functionality and versatility.
  • Fast Returns. Most Brooklyn homes see an immediate 70% return on their investment in this area. That means spending $5,000 on improvements could increase your property value by at least $3,500.

Space is at a premium for many Brooklyn properties. You may not have the right to build specific additions to your home because of the zoning restrictions that exist. That means your basement becomes a place of true potential.

Additional Terms for a Drop Ceiling

Although a drop ceiling is the standard term used for this home or office structure, a handful of additional names refer to the same installation.

Acoustic, false, and grid ceilings get their name from the attributes of the final installation. They describe the structures used to create usable space on your property. You can purchase tiles that don’t have high sound absorption ratings if you want to install a drop ceiling on a budget.

Drop-in, drop-out, suspended, and T-bar ceilings are less common names that refer to this design because of the work required to create the structure.

Your home is your castle. King Installation invites you to see how affordable a new drop ceiling could be for your Brooklyn property. Contact our team today for a no-obligation estimate about this service and others we can provide.