Shower Door Installation

Every home’s most problematic feature isn’t the refrigerator plumbing, hardwood floor maintenance, or HVAC filter replacement. It is the moisture that comes from the shower.

A shower can cause enough humidity to exist in the bathroom that mold, mildew, and pests can find their way into this space. It should have proper venting to take the excess moisture away. 

Another issue involves your bathroom floor. When you use curtains or similar privacy tools for your shower, the water can drip outside of the tub or bathing area to cause rot to start forming.

That’s why a shower door installation is an investment that makes sense. When you use the improved moisture-blocking services of this one product, it can preserve your property’s value in multiple ways.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Shower Door?

A shower door creates a space that becomes a personal oasis. You don’t need to worry about unexpected intrusions because you can see through this installation while many designs still offer privacy.

Outside of the improved water containment advantages that a shower door offers, installing one today can provide these additional benefits.

1. It eliminates the bathroom drafts.

Even scientists aren’t entirely sure why shower curtains billow when you try to get clean. It is a frustrating experience that can leave you standing in the cold!

You could purchase a weighted curtain or a curved rod, but that investment won’t eliminate the drafts for good.

When you have a shower door installed, you won’t need to manage this situation at all. You can enjoy the peace that comes with a simplified bathing experience.

2. It creates the illusion of more space.

When a shower curtain is up, you’ll maximize privacy because no one can see through the product. That also means you cannot tell what is beyond the curtain, limiting the visual space you receive when it’s pulled across the opening or bathtub.

If you install a shower door, you’ll create more visual space to enjoy in the bathroom. When you have a window by the tub or shower for natural light, this effect gets enhanced to a higher level.

When you can look through a shower door into the area beyond, the installation provides an opportunity to see the bathroom’s decorative tile work.

3. It allows more light to come into the shower.

When you pull a shower curtain closed, the only light available to you comes from an exterior window or an overhead lamp.

What if you don’t have either lighting option? It can get rather dark in your shower when you want to maintain some privacy.

With a professional shower door installation, the materials’ transparent nature enables more usable light to filter into your bathing area. This option supports your circadian rhythm for evening showers while encouraging you to wake up faster in the morning.

4. It provides a decorative element.

Shower doors can be minimalistic or elaborate. It is up to you to determine what you’d like to see with this installation. 

  • Sculpted shower doors provide a unique visual aesthetic for the bathroom.
  • Patterned shower doors create privacy elements while providing a clear view.
  • Frosted shower doors offer a closed-off look to separate the area without eliminating the transparency benefits.
  • Shower door frames can be nickel, bronze, or other materials to add another decorative element. 

Depending on your bathroom preferences, a shower door installation can install on top of your bathtub or function like a traditional door. You can select framed or frameless options or choose permanent panels that serve as barriers instead.

5. It can increase your property value.

Any updates or upgrades to your home can increase its property value. When you install or replace shower doors, you can typically recoup about 60% of the cost into your overall equity.

You’ll get more value by installing a walk-in shower with a high-quality decorative door than you will with an entry-level sliding product on top of a bathtub.

If your goal is to increase your home value, the best improvements work with the other updates your house or building needs. You may need your gutters cleaned and repairs, your HVAC system inspected, roofing repaired or updated, and windows replaced.

When you update the shower door alone, a $1,000 job only brings about $600 in the value returned. It won’t make a significant impact on the big picture without some additional help.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Bathroom?

A shower door installation is an easy and affordable way to improve a bathroom’s functionality while reducing the risk of damage.

This one product can help you achieve multiple benefits that you can experience daily!

If you’re ready to start this process, contact our team today for a competitive quote. We can help you find the best shower door for your home, install it correctly, and work on other remodeling projects you might need to complete.

Your home should be your castle. Updating your bathroom with a shower door installation takes you one step closer to that outcome.