TV Mounting

King Installation TV Mounting Professional will ensure your TV is mounted properly, and by leaving the TV Mounting to us you can save hours of struggling with the process and relax by focusing more on your purchase.

Our pros have the right tools and all the necessary equipment to complete the job properly within 1 visit. Whether you have the 55-inch TV set or full-motion TV wall mount, King Installation professionals have got you covered.

The TV Installation process in Brooklyn has never been easier. We will be glad to mount 32-inch TV, corner TV, or bracket at the most convenient time for you. We have all the necessary expertise to complete your job with full satisfaction.

King Installation provides affordable rates that are based on our availability and requested amount of work.

  • Contact us to get a free estimate.
  • Price won`t change as long as the amount of work will stay the same
  • If additional services are required to complete your installation,  our specialist will discuss this with you at the time of your appointment.

What is included with TV Mounting service?

  • Installation of customer supplied standard  TV mounting bracket. (if you don`t have one you can request from us, please notify in advance)
  • Making sure the TV and load testing the hardware are secured
  • Cord concealment cover provided by  the customer
  • A TV cannot be mounted above a fireplace
  • Television Installation is for drywall only


Where will I be able to see cords when the TV Wall Mounting service is finished?
At the very top and the bottom parts of your cord cover, there is a chance that your cords might be visible to the public. If you have a TV stand under your mounted Plasma, it will conceal the cords extending out of the bottom of your cord cover. Our Professional TV Installer will put the cord cover so that it extends at least an inch higher than the bottom of your mounted TV, so your TV will likely conceal the cords extending out of the top of your cord cover.

What am I have to do before my TV Mounting appointment?
Please make sure you got the working device. After our specialist will arrive to install your flat-screen to the wall, you’ll have to show him where you would like to install the TV. (please make sure it won`t far from the outlet)

Where is the best place for TV Mounting?
 We can help you determine the best place,  basically by the location of the power outlet, couch – for watching comfort, and the location of wall studs (depending on your TV weight). Please make sure the place will be good for your neck while watching your favorite TV shows.

Am I have the right kind of walls for TV Mounting service?
Any house or apartment made of drywall will work.

Why should I get help mounting my flat-screen TV on the wall?
Flat-screen TVs are not cheap, they need special handling and sometimes they are heavy. King Installation professional will use all his experience to take care of your investment properly. Moreover, our installer can help you determine the best location for mounting, to help make your home theater as epic as possible.