Should I Renovate My Home Before Trying to Sell?

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It would be fantastic if every real estate question or issue with home ownership came with a simple answer. For example, should you renovate your home?

The reality is that most questions about preparing a house for the market are variable because circumstances are unique. For example, if your property is dated and under-valued, you could get more from a sale to increase your margins.

Those renovations might not add enough value to pay for themselves, which means you’d get more money with an as-is sale than taking the time to complete repairs or update spaces.

Since the goal is to add value to your home, it doesn’t take long to see what is necessary to make your property competitive. First, review the kitchen and bathrooms to determine if updates or improvements would be helpful. These rooms tend to drive a buyer’s interest, ensuring that the most value possible comes into the project.

If you need help determining what to do with your home before selling it, our team can offer ideas or provide a professional inspection to see if updates are necessary. 

What Projects Deliver the Most Added Value?

Although the kitchen and bathroom tend to receive the most attention when looking at home renovation projects, that rule doesn’t apply to each situation. For example, if either space received an upgrade in the past ten years, it’s often better to look at other places on the property that could benefit from an update.

Some common areas that could benefit from some extra attention include the garage doors, your exterior siding, and replacing older windows.

If you have more than seven years old carpets, it’ll help to replace the flooring to ensure you get a great deal. 

It helps to be strategic with your home upgrades to maximize your sales value. For example, if you paint cheap kitchen cabinets a trendy color, your kitchen could look completely different. The same option works for the bathroom vanity.

Subway tile is another popular choice in today’s homes. It doesn’t require a complex pattern, and the results are relatively easy to accomplish from a DIY perspective. A quick flooring upgrade includes vinyl plants, which you can install on top of ceramic tile and several other surfaces.

When unsure about your DIY skills in a specific area, it is time to speak with an experienced contractor you can trust to keep the projects moving forward. 

Fun Kitchen Updates That Don’t Require a Renovation.

Painting a kitchen can unlock its hidden potential. You can find thousands of cookie-cutter designs throughout Brooklyn that use the same cabinets, colors, and counters. Even if your home has cheap laminate, a quick resurfacing or new shade can transform a space that feels dark and closed to light and airy.

Here are other choices to consider if you’re focusing on the kitchen as your primary update without needing a complete renovation.

1. Change the Hardware

A simple update to your pulls and handles can make a dramatic visual impact. It only takes an afternoon to swap the old stuff for something new. Consider using brass, matte black, or copper if you want a dramatic look.

The best options are often colors that contrast with the existing setup. For example, if you have black, try something with chrome.

2. Update the Sink

Most Brooklyn homes have a standard stainless steel sink inside a counter cutout. Although this design is affordable and functional, it has zero uniqueness in today’s competitive housing market.

Try updating the sink to see how it instantly changes the look and feel of your kitchen. A farmhouse design comes in several materials, including soapstone and concrete, to create more accessibility. 

3. Improve the Range Hood

The average builders-grade kitchen places a simple range hood behind cabinets that most people use for spice storage. Instead of using a simple look, transform this part of the kitchen with a new design. If you like minimalism, consider installing a commercial-grade vent for a touch of stainless steel or aluminum contrast. 

For those who want something more streamlined or cohesive, a custom cabinet that hides the vent is also a worthwhile upgrade. Remember that an over-the-stove microwave serves as your vent, so design changes might be necessary to meet the current building codes.

If you need help with any of these ideas, our team is here to help! We can also help you take care of big and small renovation projects that maximize your home’s value. Just reach out whenever you can make a moment, and we’ll be happy to get you a competitive quote for this update.


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