Simple Installation Tips for Your Upcoming Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

The holiday season provides us all with moments of thanksgiving and gratefulness to explore. It is a chance to reconnect with family, share time with friends, and enjoy some laughter.

After everything we’ve had happen in 2020, a joyous Christmas holiday feels like the perfect medicine.

Many families are going all-out this year because of everything happening in our world. If you find yourself in that mindset, these simple installation tips for your upcoming Christmas decorating work can have your place looking fantastic in no time at all.

1. Highlight Your Architectural Features

Whether you live in a doorman building or a single-family home, use lights to highlight your place’s best architectural components. Start at the center, work your way out to the sides, and showcase all of the best features.

Balance is essential here. If you have chimneys, arches, gables, and other features, they need inclusion with your lighting to be effective.

Instead of using staples to hold the lights in place, consider adding clips to your gutters, window sills, and other components. The strands will hang from them securely with much less work.

You can also use magnets and steel hanger straps to hang lights from gutters without leaving marks on the exterior. 

2. Show Off Your Landscaping

Some homes have a better focal point with their landscaping than their architectural designs. If you feel that observation applies to your property, use strategic lighting with your trees, shrubs, and bushes to create a lovely Christmas display. You can add inflatables, stand-up pieces, and more to highlight water features, walkways, and more.

Most items can get plugged in after you complete the assembly work if you opt for this decorating option. When you need to wrap lights around a tree, make sure you’re using all-weather products. Using circular motions around each item will create a traditional look that everyone will love.

3. Take Care of Electrical Concerns

It helps to limit plugging strings of lights together to about six strands end-to-end. If you have any more than that amount, there’s enough of a power requirement that you could overload your circuit.

You’ll want some slack in your light strands when installing them on your property. If they’re tight and outside, high winds could cause tears in the surface that could increase electrocution risks.

Any displays you have on your lawn that require electricity should be kept away from any groundwater puddling to prevent a potentially severe injury.

4. Provide Protection When Possible

It doesn’t take much to cause scrapes and scratches on exterior paint when you start decorating for the Christmas season. If you live in a rental, that damage means money could be coming out of your security deposit.

Adding a padded layer or a protective element underneath a wreath hanger helps display the holiday’s joys with less damage. Consider placing a small screw in the top of the door with some fishing line to secure your wreath if you own your home. If you don’t have ornament hangers, plastic paper clips work well.

When the season is over, it helps to coil your lights into a five-gallon bucket to keep them organized for the next year.

5. Fall in Love with Zip Ties

When you live in an apartment, finding secure places for your lights and decorations can be challenging. The easiest way to overcome this potential issue is to use zip ties. This versatile product can secure items to mantles, banisters, fences, balconies, and similar locations without the need for staples or nail marks to fix at the end of the holidays.

6. Use Adhesive Hangers

Once you’re ready to start taking down the decorations, you can snip the zip ties with scissors and throw them away.

Another trick that renters can use to avoid security deposit issues is to use adhesive hangers for Christmas decorations on the walls. Many of them have a significant weight tolerance while avoiding leaving behind any residue, but you’ll need to verify what the product manages before using it. 

You’ll want to clean the wall thoroughly before applying the product. A smooth surface works better than textured ones. Once you have the item in place, you can leave it up throughout the holidays without worry!

Christmas decorating can be simple and straightforward. Whether you prefer a simple tree in the window or an elaborate display that brings all of the neighbors to see what you’ve created, these tips can help you to have a safe and happy holiday season.  


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