Winter Home Improvements to Consider for 2023

cozy evening in winter home

When the weather outside gets frightful, it can be delightful to curl up inside with the people you love. Movies, hot chocolate, and a roaring fireplace seem inviting. Who wants to grab the toolbox from the garage to tackle a to-do list during those times?

The winter months are ideal for some home maintenance projects and renovations. However, if you want your place to shine when spring arrives, now is the time to consider improvements.

Winter is the off-season for most contractors, which means labor and materials tend to cost less. However, for those who plan to do the work themselves, it’s an intelligent way to pass the time while you’re stuck inside.

What Home Projects Should I Tackle in the Winter? 

Some projects take priority when managing your property during the winter months. These home improvements tend to bring the most value once completed.

1. Seal the Exterior Cracks

exterior cracks

Air seeps in modern homes result in heating and cooling costs being 15% higher than needed. That means over 10% of your total energy gets expended through preventable issues. 

The focus should be on your windows and doors first. Then, once you’ve addressed any issues, move to the foundation and attic.  

It helps to have a home energy auditor examine your use in each room to see where modifications could be made to save on gas and electricity expenses. For example, you can check for air seeps by stepping outside when it gets dark. Turn on the lights and look for gaps in the doors and windows.

2. Maintain Your Heating System

Most furnaces require a filter change at least every three months. However, some homes should change then monthly, especially if you smoke or have pets.

Changing your filter if you have a large family or run the HVAC system year-round is also good. Water levels in boilers shouldn’t fall too low, and winter is a great time to look for seeps in your venting system.

A professional inspection can get into the places you can’t always check by yourself. For example, an annual review to see necessary maintenance needs can help your home be ready for winter in 2023.

3. Update the Paint

white paint

Paint is already an inexpensive update for homeowners. When you tackle this project in the winter, it tends to get even cheaper. Most manufacturers put their products on sale late in the year, and this time tends to be when the pros have fewer clients.

Winter has less humidity in most places (especially Brooklyn and NYC), which means the paint bonds to its surface better while drying faster. 

Low-VOC paints don’t need open windows to create a safe environment. If you have good indoor air circulation, you’ll be ready to work on one or more rooms at home. 

4. Address the Garage Floor

garage floor

If your home has a garage floor, the winter months are a great time to work on removing stains and sealing cracks. When you close and paint it, you’ll reduce concrete dust levels to make sweeping and regular maintenance much more manageable.

The best paint products in this category use a solvent-thinned or water-based epoxy. They’re created specifically for garage floors.

For those who want something quick and easy that still looks great, consider a combined stain and sealant that applies in a coat or two.

5. Update the Electrical Fixtures

Electrical Fixtures

Homes with LED lighting products typically use 75% less energy than those without this resource. Instead of purchasing new bulbs, consider replacing older fixtures with new and permanent ones. 

Modern LED light fixtures last 25 years or more under everyday usage habits. You won’t need to change bulbs once you connect the wires and install the product to the bracket. It doesn’t take much time to complete an entire home, and Christmas discounts can reduce your costs significantly.

In return, you’ll have a cleaner and more modern home.

6. Replace the Hardware

Another small project that delivers significant returns involves replacing your cabinet hardware, door handles, and locksets. You can find substantial savings if you purchase these items in bulk during the winter. It only takes a few tools to remove the existing items, and this opportunity lets you upgrade to intelligent technology if desired.

A few winter improvements can significantly and positively impact your home environment. Investing in the ways that make sense for your property will save money while creating a beautiful and comfortable place to call home.


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