The Best Smart Home Installation Ideas for 2021

smart home

At its basic level, the modern smart home comes with electronic devices you can control through voice activation or remote controls. You’ll be using Bluetooth, hubs, Wi-Fi, and similar technologies for appliances, utilities, and more to add convenience, safety, and value.

You don’t need to have a 100% automated house to have a practical smart home. You’ll discover hundreds of different upgrade options to use from several brands and manufacturers. The marketplace makes it possible to use technology to your advantage selectively.

Before you pursue the following installation ideas, you’ll want to consider investing in a hub. This technology acts as the “brain” for your connected devices, allowing for the centralized control of your upgrades.

Brands like the Quirky Wink, SmartThings, and Icontrol Networks Piper can help you achieve the foundation needed for a successful upgrade.

What Are the Best Smart Home Ideas to Install in 2021?

If you’re looking for smart home installation ideas, these options provide the most value for the average homeowner. Please remember that every home is different, so some of the options below might not apply.

Option #1: Smart Thermostats

Several products in this category contain numerous customization features to manage your home’s temperature profile automatically. When your thermostat can learn from the adjustments you make to stay comfortable, it’ll start doing that work for you. Most installations can also lower or raise temps accordingly when you’re away to reduce your utility spending.

Option #2: Humidifiers or Dehumidifiers

If you live in an area where the weather gets extremely wet or dry, having smart technologies run a humidifier or dehumidifier can help your indoor environment stay comfortable. Although this technology is some of the newest out there today, you can have whole-home options that connect to your plumbing so that refills become a thing of the past.

Option #3: Refrigerators

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has a large touchscreen on the front that allows you to order your groceries online. It sends photos to your smartphone to show you the inside while shopping so that you aren’t duplicating products. If you want something cheaper, other models provide alerts for water filter changes and power outages.

Option #4: Door Locks

Upgrading your home security with smart door locks is an affordable way to ensure things get locked up tight when you’re away. When you pair your preferred brand with its companion app, you can lock or unlock, create virtual keys, and keep an entry log so that you know who is coming and going.

Some smart locks use numeric keypads to offer a keyless entry option. You can also find models that function with RFID to create a hands-free experience. Although it costs more than a standard deadbolt, the benefits you receive are worth the investment.

Option #5: Smart Cameras

If your schedule keeps you away from home regularly, having a smart camera system installed can help you know that everything is safe. Numerous designs are available today that connect to mobile devices or remote monitoring services to give you the peace of mind needed each day.

Some of the technology that works with this installation includes facial recognition, motion sensors, and real-time monitoring.

Option #6: Video Doorbell

The smart doorbell systems you can install today are an updated take on the peephole. Instead of sneaking a look at who is waiting at your front door, this technology lets you see who is there if you access a smartphone app. Some products in this category offer night vision, while others allow you to mute the chime so that your dog doesn’t go crazy.

Option #7: Mold Sensors

It’s not unusual for property owners with a single-family structure to miss water leaks until serious damage occurs. When you have mold sensors or moisture detectors around your key installation points, it’s much easier to detect changes to humidity or temperature. If the tech discovers something away from the baseline, you’ll get a direct alert on your mobile device.

Option #8: Smoke Detectors

Homeowners must respond quickly when a fire is present. This smart technology can send alerts to your preferred devices whenever an alarm activates to ensure everyone gets out alive. New products in this field include carbon monoxide detection, making it easier to monitor your home’s overall air quality. Some items can even alert you to when someone lights up a cigarette or cigar, starts vaping, or makes similar choices.

When you upgrade your home with smart technologies, you can add value while making life more convenient. Which options make the most sense for your property today?


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