Tips for Removing Crayon from Walls


If you have little ones at home, you know their creative energy can create many positive learning opportunities.

It can also produce some big messes that seem like they’re impossible to manage. One issue that all parents face at some point with toddlers is crayon marks left on the walls.

You might have a small area to remove or an entire masterpiece that takes up an entire wall. Either way, you can implement these ideas to successfully restore the surface without putting on a fresh coat of paint.

What Are the Best Ways to Remove Crayon from Walls?

When you search for the best tips for removing crayons from walls, you’ll find that the necessary ingredients for a successful experience are already in your pantry, cupboards, or storage areas.

1. Use vinegar to remove crayon marks.

Vinegar is an effective product that removes crayon marks from painted walls. The liquid contains acetic acid that breaks down the pigment and wax components left by the young artist.

Instead of washing the wall with vinegar, dip an old toothbrush into an undiluted white product to scrub at the stain. Once the offending marks are gone, you can wipe the wall with a damp, clean cloth.

Once the vinegar dries, the smell disappears. Some paints and finishes won’t react favorably to this method, so it helps to try a test area first.

2. Use baking soda to remove crayon marks.

Since baking soda is a mild abrasive, it can work to scrape the wax and pigment from your walls. You’ll need to use a damp rag that gets dipped into the powder. Scrub it in, then rinse it away with a second wet cloth.

You can also mix a thin paste with baking soda and water to create a gentle rub for the crayon on your walls.

3. Use regular toothpaste to remove crayon marks.

Although gel toothpaste products help clean your teeth, they won’t provide a solution for your walls. If you want to remove crayons, you’ll need the regular version that contains tiny particles that “exfoliate” the marks.

This option is so effective that it can even remove permanent markers from your walls.

Take some regular toothpaste and place it on an old toothbrush. Scrub it into the area gently, attacking the crayon marks from all angles to ensure you get it worked in all the way. When you see the brush changing color, rinse and repeat until the spots are gone.

4. Use a Magic Eraser to remove crayon marks.

A Magic Eraser® does an excellent job of removing crayon marks from the wall. This product is made from melamine foam, which means it contains abrasive properties that quickly remove unwanted artwork.

Since melamine foam can impact your paint quality, you’ll want to be careful about the pressure levels you apply while cleaning. If you scrub too hard in the same area, you can wear through your paint and primer.

If you don’t have Magic Erasers sold at your local store, try ordering melamine foam sponges online to get the same result.

5. Use a pencil eraser to remove crayon marks.

It isn’t always necessary to reinvent the wheel when you have unwanted crayon marks on your walls. If you have a pencil eraser at home, it will usually take care of the small spots that sometimes appear. You’ll need to be gentle with this option since it can cause you to rub the paint away.

If you have wallpaper at home, you’ll need to be even more careful to avoid damaging the surface.

It might be necessary to use a gum eraser to get rid of the tough marks.

Additional Ideas to Help Remove Crayon from Walls

The tricky part of removing crayons from the wall is that you have two issues to consider. It would be best to use a cleaner that can handle the wax components without allowing the pigment to leak into your paint or wallpaper.

If you look online for tips and tricks that remove crayons from walls, you’ll find people using everything from shaving cream to hand sanitizer.

Since crayons are a wax-based product, you might find that a recent effort from your little artist can get wiped away with hot water.

If you need help getting your walls restored after your little ones turned them into a canvas, our team can help! We can get those tricky stains to disappear or update the look of each room so that it meets your needs today.


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