Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter


If you have a room in your home or business that needs a facelift, or if the exterior could do with some TLC, you may have considered talking the project yourself, but let’s hit pause. You likely want to do it yourself to save money, but you’ll likely end up disappointed with the results or want to give up halfway through. Here are our top 6 reasons to hire professionals to do the job for you:

1) It’s SO Boring!

Let’s talk candidly here – there’s a reason people say ‘like watching paint dry’, but that’s only a fraction more boring than doing the actual painting, at least for the average person. That likely includes you. If you’ve not attempted to paint a room yourself (especially from a dark color to a light one) then you can’t know the time and effort you actually have to spend on a step ladder with the roller in hand. Unless you’re a perfectionist at the highest level, you likely won’t enjoy painting a wall, let alone a room.

2) They Are Experts

Giving your home some color is great in theory, but just grabbing a pot and brush doesn’t cut it. Professional painters do this day in, day out, they like it, and they have developed skill and patience to get the job done perfectly every time. They also understand how different paints perform in general, in a certain location, and on different quality surfaces. All those things go into getting a beautifully painted wall that doesn’t show your shoddy workmanship when the light bounces off it just right. They’ve got the experience to do the job well and do it quickly. It will take a day or two instead of five, and they won’t get distracted or tired in the middle and make you live in an unfinished room as you might!

3) They Aren’t Messy

Someone nearly always spills the paint. Paint is expensive and if God forbid, it gets on the carpet or hardwood floor, then it will be even worse. You may not get a large spill but some paint always finds itself onto the floor, the carpet, or another surface it shouldn’t be on. Professionals are experienced enough not to get these little flecks all over your home.

4) They’ll Do the Prep Work

The prep work is that part before you start painting. It’s the part that truly decides how good your finished product will be, and it’s also a part that DIYers cut corners on or skip entirely. If you want beautiful and long-lasting results then you need to wash the walls, scrape, sand and fill in old holes and blemishes. This part can be more unpleasant and less gratifying than the painting itself, so you may decide it’s best to hand it over to a professional. They’ll also tape off doors and windows, lay down as many dustsheets as they need, and generally ensure everything is ready to go before any paint gets on the wall.

5) They Have All the Tools

If you want to do the project yourself to save money but don’t have any tools to start with, then the money you save may be negligible. The professionals come with all the equipment they need to do the job, and likely much better-quality tools than you would choose to buy yourself to complete the project. By the time you’ve bought the paint, brushes, rollers, trays, ladders and dust sheets (and don’t forget that your own time is valuable), you may find that you’ve spent close to what you could have been quoted, not to mention that you’ve got to find somewhere to store everything afterward.

6) It’s Safer

Yes, literally. If your project requires you to go up a ladder to paint a second story or vaulted ceiling then a professional will have better ladders to tackle that project, and they’ll be trained in how to be safe up them. They know what stains and paints need extra ventilation to be safe, and they’ll be licensed, insured, and may have some guarantees so that if anything was to go wrong, they’ll have you’re covered.

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  • Thanks for helping me understand the benefits of hiring a professional painter. I find it amazing to learn that these experts can figure out which color mixes would work well for a home, as well as do their work in a very efficient way by using proper techniques and equipment. I’ll share this with my friend since he’s planning to repaint his home. This way, he doesn’t need to stress his brains out thinking of which color to use for his interiors.

  • I’m glad you pointed out that it’s safer to hire professionals for things like vaulted ceilings or second story walls. The ceiling above the staircase in my living room is very tall and would be difficult to reach without professional equipment. I will definitely look into hiring professionals to help with this.

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