Unique and Valuable Ways to Repurpose Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets are a significant investment. However, when you decide to tackle a remodeling project in this space, those assets often account for most eventual costs. 

Instead of throwing those cabinets away, it’s time to start thinking about them in ways that go beyond the kitchen. For example, when you decide to replace these items or update your kitchen with open shelving, you can put them in different spaces for extra convenience.

Here are some of the most valuable ways to repurpose your old kitchen cabinets in another room or area.

1. Create Office Space

Home offices have become a critical asset. Finding a desk that works for your needs isn’t always easy, with more people getting to telecommute or work remotely. You can repurpose your cabinets to become usable space, including drawers, file cabinets, and a countertop for the desk.

Depending on how many cabinets you have, there could be enough space for an entire library of books – or a space for your favorite collectibles.

2. Update Entryways or Mudrooms

Your entryway or mudroom because the drop-off area for all the icky stuff that comes inside. Depending on the season, it might have everything from muddy boots to umbrellas taking up space. By adding repurposed kitchen cabinets to this area, you can better contain the clutter.

Add some hooks to keep the backpacks organized. Hats, gloves, and scarves stay organized with some baskets. You’ll also want to think about adding waterproof flooring for this space to maintain the value this room provides. 

3. Storage for the Bathroom

Every inch of potential storage you can create in a bathroom counts for something. For example, if you have medicine cabinets or vanities installed, there’s a great spot for your toiletries. Adding a stock kitchen cabinet element, such as a pull-out trash container, allows you to place dirty clothes, garbage, or even towels. It then doubles as a shelf to use for your hygiene supplies.

4. Laundry Room Storage

Having a mix of different cabinets in the laundry room makes it easier to keep everything organized and tidy. If you have an upper cabinet installed that you repurposed from the kitchen, it can be an excellent spot for your towels, detergents, or dryer supplies. An opening under the sink gives you a storage area for your baskets. It also helps to install some hooks and rods to have your other essential items ready to use.

5. Organize the Garage

If the messiest spot in your home isn’t your child’s bedroom or the kitchen, it’s probably the garage. That space is often a breeding ground for disorganization and general messiness. Even if you need to repurpose older stock cabinets, they can transform that space into something functional.

Cabinets are useful for anything from paint storage to tool organization. You can also keep any extras from your yard care or cleaning needs in this space. For example, adding a pegboard provides additional hanging brooms, garden hand tools, and more choices.

6. Window Seating Improvements

Window seats are a practical way to add space to any home while creating additional storage. Instead of using a custom build, try recycling some of your kitchen cabinets and older countertops. Even a straightforward butcher-block design is strong enough to become a seat with a fantastic view.

The cabinets can store whatever you need for added convenience. They’re helpful for everything from gloves and hats to extra books. If you have limited closet space, adding a few hooks can provide additional room for coats and outdoor apparel. Finally, don’t forget about having an area for your slippers!

7. Built-in Bookcase Additions

A built-in bookcase adds significant value to many homes, but it is also a cost-prohibitive option for many of today’s homeowners. Instead of tearing out a wall to build something custom, consider recycling your kitchen cabinets to provide a similar experience. Although you’ll lose a little bit of usable space with this remodeling idea, the extra storage is quite helpful. 

When the stock look doesn’t match your interior décor, you can paint most cabinets to match. That creates an even better built-in look that works well in today’s home.

Kitchen cabinets often get tossed because they seemingly outlived their usefulness. Although they might need a good cleaning after you pull them out, their usefulness can support your home in other ways for years to come! These ideas are just the beginning of what is possible. How have you repurposed old cabinets in your home?


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