What Is the Average Price of Remodeling a One Bedroom Apartment?


One of the perks of owning your place is that you can remodel it to fit your needs. Owning a one-bedroom apartment gives you the chance to create more equity when you modernize each room.

This guide covers what to expect at the different price ranges and the hidden costs that can sometimes surprise you.

What Is the Starting Point for My Apartment Remodeling Budget?

The typical full-apartment remodeling cost can be up to $200 per square foot. It depends on the materials you want to include in your wet and dry spaces, such as your bathroom or bedroom, respectively.

Some rooms cost more than others if you decide to tackle the apartment remodeling on a room-by-room basis. Here is a breakdown of what to expect for each space.

Bathroom Remodeling:It can be as high as $400 per square foot. You can save money by using mass-produced tile and retail vanities, but the cost rises if you need custom items.
Kitchen Remodeling:Kitchens typically start at $300 per square foot. You can reduce costs in this area by avoiding stainless steel appliances and advanced features, such as smart technologies.
Gut Remodels:When you need to dig into the different flooring layers of an apartment, the cost is more than if you’re tearing out the old carpet to put in the new one. If you use stock materials, you can save up to 50% over customized items.
Asbestos Inspection:If you live in an older apartment that hasn’t gone through a remodeling process, it might be necessary to pay for a professional asbestos inspection. Costs are variable here, especially if testing is needed, but it can be up to $1,000.
Electrical Permits:When you change the electrical routing in your home or add new circuits, your jurisdiction might require a remodeling work permit. In NYC, the cost for this permission is about $900. It can be even more in other parts of the United States.
Plumbing Permits:If you need to change your apartment’s plumbing, that activity’s permits often depend on the building’s structure. When you have a self-contained unit with an external connection, it’s usually cheaper than an interconnected system. The cost of this portion of your remodeling work can be up to $5,000.
Dry Spaces:Your living room and bedroom in a small apartment are the cheapest part of the remodeling project. Since it can be as little as $30 per square foot, this step is often the first one taken. Even when you use premium materials, it’s tough to get above $50 per square foot in this category.
Structural Factors:Some one-bedroom apartments require structural changes or customization to achieve your preferred look. When you encounter those circumstances, the modification cost can be $300 per square foot or higher. You’ll also need to consider the building permits and possible inspections necessary after the work is completed.

What Are the Basic Costs to Consider for Remodeling?

When you want to remodel your one-bedroom apartment, the work’s scope typically involves the following tasks.

  • Demolition: Basic demolition includes removing items no longer wanted in the apartment, including walls, joists, flooring materials, and appliances.
  • Framing: This task evaluates your home’s skeletal structure, including what interior walls could be modified to change the space’s look and flow.
  • Insulation: If you need interior insulation for your apartment, new materials can be installed with drywall removal.
  • Wiring: You might want to change the location of your light switches and outlets during the remodeling project. If you live in an older apartment, this work might include GFCI outlets that trip with moisture exposure to prevent damage or injury.
  • HVAC Systems: Your heating and cooling structures might need to get re-routed during the remodeling process to maximize your energy efficiency levels or create more space.

If you want to save the most money while managing an entire one-bedroom remodeling project, the best choice is to use stock materials. That means everything from entry-level tile to MDF cabinets in your kitchen.

Some of the costs depend on your apartment’s structure. You’ll spend more to remodel a one-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms instead of one. When your kitchen takes up most of the space, it’ll cost more than if you have a small cooking area.

If you use custom materials throughout your apartment, the average remodeling price could exceed $600 per square foot. When you work with your contractor to maximize your investment value, you can target specific areas for customized enhancements while saving cash elsewhere.


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