What Is the Best Size of TV for an Apartment?

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Selecting the best TV size for an apartment depends on two factors. First, how much do you want to spend on the television, and how much space is there for it? 

For many individuals and families, the decision is often based on the budget. For example, when an immersive experience is desired, the giant TV on the market might seem like a great deal – but it might overwhelm the room where it gets installed.

Understanding screen size and viewing distance calculation will help you pick a TV that works well in your apartment while maximizing watching value.

How to Calculate Screen Size and Viewing Distance

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UHD technology allows today’s televisions to provide more detail than ever when watching shows or movies. That means you can sit closer without seeing individualized pixels or blurred movement.

Sitting too close to a television will cause eye strain. Finding a balance between the two is often dependent on personal preference, but there is an equation that can help you determine what TV screen size would work the best for your apartment.

  • Measure the viewing distance from your seating arrangement to the installation point in inches.
  • Divide that figure by two.
  • Round up to the nearest television size.

If your measurement in this calculation is 118 inches, you will receive a value that suggests a 59-inch television would be the best option. However, since you won’t find many of those on the market, you’d want to round up to a 60-inch TV if your budget allows.

You can also round down the measurement, such as going from 59 inches to a 55-inch TV. This step will mean the experience will be slightly less immersive, but you might save a little money.

Please remember that when you shop for TV measurements, you’re looking at the diagonal distance of the television. 

What If My Apartment Is Crowded?

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When you have lots of friends over for a movie-watching party or an apartment filled with roommates, it can be challenging to find a decent spot when there aren’t many viewing angles available for the TV. This issue happens when there aren’t enough seating and size elements in the installation decision.

Watching TV isn’t as fun when everyone already has a comfortable spot, and you’re stuck on the floor or standing behind the couch!

Here are some ideas that can help everyone have a great time, even if you are watching a show or a movie in a crowded apartment.

  • If your seating arrangement is at least six feet away from the television, you’ll need a 40-inch screen to support a positive viewing experience.
  • When your chairs and sofas are at least 7.5 feet from the TV, you’ll want a 50-inch screen for everyone.
  • You’ll want a 60-inch screen to create enjoyable experiences at nine feet. 

The ideal distance for your TV depends on whether it is mounted to the wall or placed on a stand. Mounted televisions give you extra room in a small apartment, which is significant if you can streamline your electronics to a minimal footprint.

Viewing Angle Information to Consider

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The viewing angle for your television is crucial when purchasing an HDTV. Most people want the TV to have a parallel placement with their eyes, with less than a 15-degree angle up or down for comfortable viewing.

It’s also better when the viewing angle is less than 40 degrees in either direction.

When a sharp angle is impossible to avoid, you’ll notice distortion in the screen unless you’ve invested in 4K or UHD technology

Choosing the best resolution for your apartment depends on your size, space, and personal preferences. For example, when you have a 40-inch UHD TV, a 720p solution is typically satisfactory for everyday viewing.

If you prefer a 50-inch TV or more prominent, a 1080p resolution will be better for your favorite shows or the big game. However, when you invest in full HD, you’ll get more enjoyment with HD cable, Blu-ray movies, and other entertainment options.

The best picture quality in 2023 is 8K UHD. These televisions have 16 times the pixel number of a regular HD model. They also come with upscaling features to take a low-quality image and raise it to the level the TV supports.

If you need assistance with your TV setup, you can trust a professional team to mount it appropriately to your apartment wall to maximize your space. Review the lease terms first to ensure you can make this modification. 


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