Why Do You Need a Bathtub Door?

If you have a bathtub with a shower at home, you have either a bathtub door, a shower curtain, or nothing at all.

The latter choice is the worst option because any shower you’d take would spray water throughout your bathroom. That moisture could lead to water damage, such as rotting joists or moldy sheetrock.

Having a shower curtain can hide the tub or show off the subway tile you just installed. It blocks water from leaving the enclosure when taking a shower, but it also tends to be in the way when your preference is a bath.

That means your best choice is a bathtub door. Not only does it counter the issues listed above, but it also comes with several benefits to consider.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Bathtub Door?

1. Minimal Maintenance

Manufacturers produce bathtub doors from laminated or safety-tempered glass. That means this installation is difficult to crack or break under normal home conditions. Since it is a glass product, you can clean it without much difficulty. Most standard bathroom cleansers have formulations that work on this product.

2. Chemical Exposure

Although PVC curtains are on their way out of the marketplace, you can still find them in some stores. Installing a bathtub door reduces your exposure to this chemical, which could have some health concerns with prolonged use.

3. Permanent Installation

The sliding glass doors on a bathtub go through the tub and tile wall to create a permanent installation. You can also take a frameless approach with holders on one side and an entry on the other to have no moving parts.

Even though it is permanent, you can still take out the glass doors with reasonable ease when updating your space’s look.

4. Privacy

With a shower curtain, you have no control over who could swipe the product aside while using the bathroom. A bathtub door allows you to see who is on the other side. You’ll still get privacy because the glass “blurs” your visuals to body shape while gaining the advantage of knowing who might be in the room with you. Anyone with kids will understand how beneficial information can be.

5. Moisture Containment

When you have a bathtub door, the moisture from your shower stays contained within that region of the bathroom. It’s a design element that supports the work of your venting fan (if you have one). By keeping the water within the tub, fewer damage concerns develop with the long-term use of those facilities.

If you use a shower curtain, the product must get tucked to the inside of the bathtub to be useful. When it stays on the outside of the structure, water can drip along the edge of it to the floor to create moisture problems.

6. Convenience

Taking a shower with a curtain means that you experience the air movement changes that occur when hot water blows into the environment. The materials cling to your skin, especially in tight enclosures. If you have a bathtub door installed instead, you’ll eliminate this issue. 

This advantage extends to the customization options you have. Most bathtub doors can be customized to fit the exact needs of your bathroom. That means you gain more flexibility with your installation, adding to the convenience you have when using this space.

7. Design Aesthetics

If you opt for a frameless bathtub door, you can create a clean and modern look that fits with today’s buyer’s expectations. You leave behind the bulky edges that include metal, rubber, and seals. When your tub enclosure has an intricate tile design, this choice lets you showcase that work without compromising your privacy.

Concerns with Bathtub Doors

Bathtub doors may prevent moisture from escaping, but they also bring some challenges to consider. It may not be the best solution in every circumstance.

Parents with young children often find the door’s framework or the limited access offered by a frameless solution to be impractical. Leaning over a track to help your child bathe can be quite uncomfortable!

Cost is another consideration to review. A shower curtain with a bar might run $30 for entry-level products. A sliding glass door for a standard tub is about $200, while frameless options average about $600. 

A bathtub door is not required when your goal is to create an elegant bathroom. Even floor-to-ceiling curtains can look incredible with a knowledgeable installation! Contact our team today if you’re thinking about an upgrade to this space so that you can have a spa-like oasis to enjoy each day. 


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